Ratio + W https://t

September 15, 2021, 7:23 pm
Ratio + W https://t
Ratio + W

AP is the shitter version of Michael does life at least he`s entertaining lmao

He will walk up to a tree in a cartoon game and say the tree isnt real enough PlayStation fell off

Don`t you like kind of farm in this game?

Whats wrong with him?

always positive 99% of the time yet all i see from them is negativity

Youre going for those easy wins huh I think you nailed this one

Nah bruv you`re right. Total weirdo though lol.

That man always looking for attention

I wasn`t being sarcastic

Does anyone ever actually care what AP thinks?

Do you think it`s an act or do you think he really is a depressed miserable teenager with narcissistic personality disorder?

Does AP ever have a good feeling about a game?

I`m getting Kendra for PS5 looks

But sadly no physical copy , I wanna build my ps5 disc lieberry

clapped him bruv Remember that time where Gamers just sat down and played Video games and that was it? Those where the days!

I wonder if he wears tampons?

This dudes has bad feelings 24/7. Which is understandable if your anus is constantly sore.

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