#razer stickers or #apple stickers? https://t

August 25, 2021, 11:35 am
#razer stickers or #apple stickers? https://t
razer stickers or apple stickers?

Razer has on-par build quality to Apple. But in regards to stickers, the Razer one will brand you a gamer, the Apple one will brand you an iPhone snob... So I`m going Razer

Apple stickers! To call yourself a Apple Sheep everywhere! I mean i put these stickers on the back mirror of my car and i am sure someone will think that i am an apple sheep! Btw i love that "Twitter for Android" tho

You should have made this into a poll. I`ll get one started.

Apple is iconic but the razer sticker is cool and shiny

My mousepad is RGB, so Razer And I daily drive an iPhone so Apple

Funny, I`ve got both, but now use neither. Don`t have the time for gaming and have moved to Android. Still have my stickers though.

Apple 1000000% I hate the rgb gamer aesthetic

Razr is cooler but nothing beats the iconic apple sticker

they can both rot in a drawer

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