Read this! In Nov

October 25, 2021, 10:48 am
Read this! In Nov
Read this! In Nov. 2019, Bill Hinman issued a statement that his Division of Corporation Finance filed non-action letters to the SEC because the projects were based on Ethereum. But these letters only applied if the money from the ICOs is not used to develop a new blockchain!

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How they are utility tokens if the first SALE of ether had no utility? The only utility was a Investment asset or a asset ICO. And even ethereum 1.0 was never a finished blockchain even to this date. Maybe it was working but not finish.

But Ethereum clearly is not finished, hence ETH 2.0 using XRP`s tech? so how`s this all work. does that mean EVERY crypto ICO on it should now be classified as a security? lol Its also definitely not decentralised as they make out, Lubin has admitted that himself...

Look at this. Hinman clearly picking winners and losers.

But still Ethereum didnt offer the initial coin. People pay for those initial coin just after the got a return from them investment. Utility ICO- you can use the coin (token) at the moment of the issue Asset ICO- functions solely or partially as an investment in economic terms

Taking advantage from excess credit market conditions (which won`t last forever) to invest in large quantity of emerging asset is very smart uqc

Great to expose all this fraudulent activities recently the ETH team is so quiet , no feedbacks on any allegations . Silence is golden? The calm before the storm

Hi Stefan, I appreciate your investigation. You should be part of the legal team. Very good job. The bastards must pay.

You`re on the money bro, this is crazy. I hope these bums go to jail.

- The SEC allowed ICOs on Ethereum because they use an "already finished blockchain" and thus only issue "utility tokens"!

This shows the internal logic / guideline of the SEC that Ethereum is built ready. Exactly the statement Gasparino received as justification why XRP was illegal - because it was not yet finished. The free pass for Ethereum should actually make a monopoly out of the network

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