Recommend me good mobile games please

June 28, 2021, 7:14 pm
Recommend me good mobile games please
Recommend me good mobile games please. No idle games, not looking to spend cash (if the game costs money then maybe, definitely not doing microtransactions though lol)

Fancade and mekorama are really fun. I think they are the best games of that kind.

Kingdom rush (frontiers, origins etc) if you don`t mind TD it was hella nice. I played the 2 or 3 old games few years ago, they were paid afaik, but they were dirt cheap ($1 per game or smth)

Not this one... Genshin impact. Sky : the children of light

It looks so similar haha if you`re into visual novel type games / murder mystery stuff id highly recommend the ace attorney series, im pretty sure its on android / ios. great stories and incredible music.

bloons tower defence 6

Geometry Dash, The Impossible Game, Super Hexagon

What in the clash Royale clone is this game

pokemon go was kinda fun but other then that I have no idea lol I stay far away from mobile games

League of legends wr

Boy do I have the game for you If you like grindy games I recommend stardew valley

All of apps are good for when you need half an hour of brain gymnastics. Just search for nick carney - thats the developer

Okay I see yeah imo OSM is really fun but you gotta keep track of it daily and there is only a limited amount you can do a day, at least if youre interested in football

Bloons TD 6 or Bloons TD Battles

This + legally downloaded ROMs

Pubg mobile, not recommending cod mobil, aim assist destroys it, race day

Yeah true, are you looking for games to keep you busy for like train rides and stuff or like just something to do daily every few mins

Raid shadow The Room series is really fun, theyre some rly well made puzzle games

Recently started playing Clash Royale again a couple days ago and I can`t stop

Hearthstone is the only good mobile game tbh.

They have Minecraft for phones \_()_/

I know you dont want idle But all the Clash/supercell games are kinda good imo. Spend a lot of time playing Clash of Clash the last year

Im kind of a sucker for the balloon tower defense games like Bloons td 6

It`s better that sudoku

None they all hot garbage

what kind of game are you looking for ? Simple stuff to pass a bit of time ? I`d recommand Hoplite (free but you can buy "premium" for like 2) and Railways (not free I think but it has been free a few times, I got it for free)

Im playing summoners war, its a cool game and you dont have to spend cash :D

clash of clans/clash royale, subway surfers, online soccer manager

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