Remember how we heard how the PS5 SSD was

June 3, 2021, 10:35 am
Remember how we heard how the PS5 SSD was
Remember how we heard how the PS5 SSD was so innovative that games couldnt be done on ps4, unreal engine 5 can only run on ps5, and now we learn Sonys biggest exclusives Horizon GT7 Gow are all cross gen. All this shit was sad and pushed.

You console warriors never take a break huh. You guys are exhausting.

Better remeber this Why do you care so much?

Remember how we heard halo was going to be a launch title for xbox

Xbox fans that do not own a PS5 and probably also not a PS4 infuriated about sony cross gen games. Having no exclusives is hard.

I dont think anyone said gt7 was developed around using the ssd like ratchet did they timbo?

No AAA exclusives for ps5 till 2022 ooooffff what a console No nextgen AAA exclusives for ps5 till 2023 ooooffff what a console

Tim, question for you: Can R&C be run on the PS4? quit finding things to war about and play your games

"Games will have no loading times* they said "PS5 SSD will rival that of a PC" they said "Best SSD ever" they screamed

"the PS5 has the best SSD it even rivals PC"

It was a marketing move between Epic and Sony. Epic making Sony look like "the hero" and how their console is so special in order to promote both PS5 and UE5 and also get some cash from Sony.

Man you are having a field day love to see it

Ratchet and Clank is the first game to really push the PS5`s SSD, and there`s no way in hell the game could run on PS4. Same story with Returnal.

Miles-Morales had Instant load times on PS5 and 60fps with raytracing, improved draw distances, improved particle effects. All these weren`t possible on the PS4. Holding back generations my ass. You xhamsters have had no true exclusive in ages and you cry about PS.

The statement about the SSD hold true.The problem is the cross gen decision not the SSD. Unlike bots like you, real fans are saying that the decision to have cross gen games is a bad one. If this was Xbox, you would be capping day and night bc you agree with everything they do.

It will definitely hold back multiplats but first party studios will be able to make significant improvements for the PS5 versions

Remember when we heard xbox has the most powerful console and we have games performing better on ps5 and halo infinite looking like a 360 game

Ok so why isn`t Ratchet and clank on PS4? You would think that would be a perfect game to benefit from a large PS4 install base.

Remember when phill said every year that this e3 is going to be the best e3?

Yeah make a fool of your self more.

Dude... The ssd is innovative and games designed specifically to take full advantage of it are not possible on a ps4. Fanboys said unreal engine couldn`t run on xbox, it`s obvious that it`s a multiplat engine. Those games started off as ps4 games. Stop the fanboy talk, guys.

Agreed and the fan base need to hold Sony to account. It BS at it`s finest.

Oof! Sizzling!

Tdog with one viscous attack after another.

Games that are build from the ground up for PS5 is not possible on PS4 and games that are build for PS4 is improved for PS5. what is so hard to understand?

Only Rachet and Clank Rift apart is using the bandwidth of that SSD. Otherwise Xbox series x SSD will be near equally capable in all other games as we have seen

Remember,Phil Spencer: "we`re in the best launch lineup position that weve ever been on Xbox" Exclusives Are Completely Counter To What Gaming Is About, Xboxs Phil Spencer Says.Did u see Ratchet or returnal running on ps4,who said ue5 was exclusive to ps5 oO

Sold us on a lie.

What narrative?! some games are only possible on PS5 , for example: Returnal and Ratchet and Clank Cross Gen going to hold back Horizon and GOW to a degree just like Halo Infinite but don`t mix it with SSD benefits that already showcased on PS5

Go to bed Tim! Dream about some games!

I mainly game on PS and I personal don`t care that the games are cross-gen because most games even first party exclusives are during the start of a new gen but Sony lying "gen" is whats gets me annoyed about this.

That was balony from the start. Anyone with 2 brain cells could have sacrificed the one to figure that out. Our gatekeeping media rode that bandwagon as well. This is laughable but you know the goal posts will shift once more

PShit & SShitD on theyre own community

I think it`s funnier they keep saying halo infinite isn`t next gen when it clearly is... Lmao so beautiful Don`t forget Tim, PlayStation exclusives will never come to PC.

Keep it up Timmy. Every day is opposite day for Jim! Spider man miles morales ran at 60fps ray tracing no load times games arent being held back at all I dont get all this crying

Microsoft said in 2019 that content for the next year, two years will be cross-gen. If still true that means up to the end of 2021. With GoW and GT7s delays PS5 will still be cross-gen in 2022 when Xbox is next gen only Even for R&C, does the "magic" ssd really matter ? there are serious hidden loading times each time they switch from one world to another, either the "broken mirror" screen, or a 13 seconds dialogue before going through the wall, and it`s all scripted.

I had a PS4 last gen, series x this. So this all makes me happy

I wouldnt be surprised to learn that Sony is replacing Mark Cerny.

It`s like all the copium we had at the Xbox One launch is all the copium Sony is using now.

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