⚠️Remember than in Apple music you have to see

May 31, 2021, 12:43 am
⚠️Remember than in Apple music you have to see
Remember than in Apple music you have to see a cloud next to the song, if there is no cloud your streams won`t count ateez

We are not that good on melon so let`s work hard on apmu everyone Is this necessary for EVERY song or just the real?

I`m streaming on pc how should it look then

Android Version, to remove download ATEEZ This helped explain it more! Just seems to be part of properly streaming! wowwww who`s playlist is this???

My phone was updated and Apple Music also updated with it and nixed the cloud icon I believe

weirdly my listens were still counted as streams

In Android, make sure the download symbol doesn`t show up (next to "I want it that way" in the pic). If it shows up, press the three dots and choose "delete" ateez I have a question, can we stream the Real using multiple accounts under the same IP address?

Wait what about Android? Bc I don`t see it

Can someone please clarify? Bc if u dont have the cloud it means u downloaded it, and according to some it does still count /gen none of my songs have the cloud, now I already worried about the stream

I dont purchased Doesnt having no cloud icon mean that its offline tho? Then the offline streamings will be uploaded once you go back online?

None of my songs have clouds TT idk what that means

I`m Android user! This is the same? hi! just wanted to add this, for newer versions of iOS, make sure theres no download symbol (picture on the right). Is the cloud suppose to show up for android as well?

Oh, i am streaming nonstop on android... How do i know it`s being counted?

how do u get the cloud?

How about in android??? i have android, all the time it came out like this, my streams weren`t counting? Hey, i`m searching for a family plan who can add me, i`m available now so if you have a place please consider me ATEEZ

What about the andoidtinys?

How about andro and pc user?

I have 1 last acc left now(im from Tier 1) Dm me if anyone wants it.

Is this the same for android?

Is there an equivalent for Android?

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