$ROKU marketshare - very interesting! Came across this recent

August 5, 2021, 8:22 pm
$ROKU marketshare - very interesting! Came across this recent
$ROKU marketshare - very interesting! Came across this recent independent study today. Is the slowdown in active accounts really due to the normalisation of the pandemic-related surge!? Hmmm...

Can you please share the source or link ? Thank you

I just wrote a quick thread about Roku yesterday. Take a look

$ROKU revenue driver is growth of its platform, no more hardware and TV manufacture partners.

I have a feeling (after listening to the ER call) that the $ROKU management team will have a hard time dealing outside of US. This report supports that. I hope more development comes.

This has more to do with their TV partners who have focused on North America. Roku TVs are cheaper to build than other smart TVs. Roku designs both hardware and software for TCL and others, it`s a huge competitive advantage and feeds user growth to Roku channel.

I sold $ROKU three months ago. No meaningful progress on International, and the window to capture first-mover advantage outside of NA is closing. Too little too late now.

Android tv 49% in Asia???

Not sure its accurate to say theyre losing share - arent they quite early in their expansion outside the US?

I sense doubt are you going to get out ?

Not sure about these figures, Fire TV is by far the most popular in the UK and Ireland and predominately because ANY apps can be downloaded on it i.e. it`s fully android. ROKU is unbelievably restricted in allowable apps.

Same in South America

Very interesting (and important to my investing thesis). Do you know what period those Coniva figures are for?

Another concerning comment was their expansion in Germany focused on their streaming sticks.. not only do these devices have negative margin.. I would expect most consumers are buying smart TVs not upgrading older ones.

Not sure if it`s losing shares or it hasn`t been able to grow their global footprint.

$ROKU hasn`t really started to touch too much foreign markets. cc Im doing some more digging as well.. what I find telling is that two key partners (TCL and Hisense) have built Google TV and Roku based TVs. The engineering effort for building two model versions is high and doesnt result in more sales.

Screen time was lower, especially with less streaming from Netflix and Youtube (as expected with reopenings). Not a huge deal imo with minimal revenue coming from these platforms to begin with. ARPU still great. Considering selling?

To me this looks like a brutally competitive business. Globally, I don`t know if Roku has that much of a brand power or moat to win over customers. Seems to me that biggest contributor in market share is whether a business was a first mover or not.

In Spain almost nobody use/know Roku. And its similar in all Europe. Im long ROKU but they must develope the brand in EU.

The question is to figure it out if this is the top or just the rocky beginning?!

Whats your take on this? Ive been assuming that the slowdown was indeed due to pandemic normalization. And the total addressable market is huge.

Maybe something to do with the fact that smart TVs have built in apps now a days? Having said that Roku is hands down better than the built in tv apps. Maybe if they can get their platform to come bundled with flat screen TVs they would be the leader.

Looks like competition

Smart TVs make a roku device irrelevant.

CTV advertising is just starting out of the US, Roku will grow at least 5-10 more years. Dont worry

You have the link to the actual report please?

This is from a biased towards google source. Currently $ROKU is mainly focused in US, international rollout hasnt picked up steam Those markets have not even been properly penetrated yet. Greater opportunity lies in further expansion ahead is what I decipher from this.

I`ve never been a big believer because it seems like a digital media OS that doesn`t have a value proposition over other contenders. Unlike SPOT, which has a dedicated customer base.

Wondered the same thing and appreciate your insights! Market sentiment wise are you 100% long? Any hedges in place?

Relevant section from the report - $ROKU Does this mean potential or underperformance?

What do you think it means Puru?

Why isnt it adopted in other countries more? Will it gain market share there in future?

Didnt just enter those markets recently though? So obviously they would be lower. No position in it but I do follow it.

Puru theyve barely begun international expansion only UK and Brazil mostly I believe

Hi any thoughts on $FVRR?

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