S21 vs iPhone 12 Pro S21+ vs iPhone 12

January 18, 2021, 7:00 am
S21 vs iPhone 12 Pro S21+ vs iPhone 12
S21 vs iPhone 12 Pro S21+ vs iPhone 12 Pro Max S21 Ultra vs (Apple can`t compete with it) Don`t get it twisted, the 2 lower tier S21 phones easily compete with the highest tier from Apple. And you get them at the price of apple`s lower tier flagships. Incredible Samsung.

I mean based on current talk about One UI 3 I wouldnt say its much better. People on reddit have complained about battery drain issues and the touch getting worse on S20 FEs

Great could say the same too for One UI. Samsung Experience >>> One UI every day.

1 iOS 14 isnt slow at all (talking from my experience with it) 2 I was talking about major bugs on One UI

Mist people Ive seen complain about major bugs are people who got an older iPhone such as an iP7 or 6S.

I mean iOS 14 runs good on my 1 year old iPhone

I can lol. If the OS on the device cant run great over long-term then its a bad OS lol. I flashed stock Android to it and it runs almost flawlessly with no major bugs or glitches.

I will when Samsung can push out an update to S9s fixing One UI. Last time I was on One UI was in october on 2.1 and it was a hellhole. Also, iOS 14 isnt more buggy. My iPhone on iOS 14 beta 6 was far more stable than stable One UI 2.1 was on my S9.

No I will consider it a pro when its UI is actually good and not filled with bugs and glitches and constant slowdowns.

Yeah agreed. Its one of the Pros actually

Mate if it`s the same plastic as the S20 FE or the note 20 it doesn`t feel good. Also I haven`t seen any S21 camera tests yet so im just going off knowing the 12 pro cameras are great

S21, and only in some areas, theres some things and tasks that the s21 just cant do as well as the 12 Pro. I just wish the S21 wasnt as hideous on the back as they are, makes the stove top actually seem more attractive.

That`s exactly what I was gonna say tbh. And better camera`s / procceser (maybe?)

S21s biggest flaw is a flaw the whole linup got

I`d rather get a 12 pro over the standard S21 but apart from that I`d get the samsung every time.

Alright I thought this was clear, but in case it wasn`t, this obviously isn`t just a comparison where you line up the prices. This is a comparison with the quality of the device price aside. The S20 easily competes with the 12 pro.

I couldnt resist LOL

Hear me out: due to pricing, S21 vs iPhone 12 S21+ Vs. iPhone 12 Pro S21U vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Out of context: I am seeing samples of s21u 30x and honestly they are looking worse than s20u...

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Pimp Slaps the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra withgalaxy

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