#Safemoon friends, I currently have an iPhone 7 that

July 3, 2021, 6:52 pm
#Safemoon friends, I currently have an iPhone 7 that
Safemoon friends, I currently have an iPhone 7 that is starting to really F up so I am finally deciding to upgrade. Do I go with Android or iPhone again? If Android, what are the best phones out right now?

Damn u reall are broke like the rest of us safemoon

/1 Android is open-source, so you won`t run into issues with a company prohibiting access to applications, like Apple blocking functions on Trust Wallet. You can also run emulations and different operating systems on an Android device.

Android makes the best phones.

Im at same point.. was leaning toward finally moving to Samsung Galaxy but it would be so convenient to just stay with iPhones ugh..

Personally on the Samsung galaxy s20+ 5G, it meets my needs

iPhone. I didnt know there was another phone. Lol

For me an IPhone fan but needing features that are available on Android I really like the Pixel. Feels like an IPhone but offers Android benefits

iPhone. I only say this because I have owned them since the beginning and am so comfortable with them. I have Samsung for a work phone and its just not my cup of tea.

There are always pros & cons to both. Ive been with Apple since the 5S, tried Galaxy and went straight back to Apple. If on a budget then the XR is great for its price. Now have the 12Pro and what a phone it is

Just bought a iPhone 12 Pro Max or whatever.

Android hands down. Samsung, hands down. My Note 10+ has been killer. So killer I`m 2yrs in and probably won`t upgrade for another 2.. If budget is your game buy a Note 10+.. if you want a current flagship the Note 20 (or s20) but I`d just get the Note10+ cuz no need for 5g yet

Was Android holder for years, wont be going back. Besides the mechanical and software issues, their security can be weaker IMO.

iPhone. I have an irrational hatred of green text messages

If you can wait will Sept. the current iPhone models will go on sale and they will start selling the new models. If not, I completely understand.

Only had the XL version

iPhone 12 is nice but battery life is better on the 11! Android has more freedom though this is a tough choice but for me I got the iPhone.

I always have issues with android phones. I have an iPhone

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