Samsung been making better phones than apples for over

June 28, 2021, 6:09 am
Samsung been making better phones than apples for over
Samsung been making better phones than apples for over a decade... we just dont care lol

I agree, but they also come with a galaxy of unnecessary apps (no pun intended) that you have to uninstall before using the phone.

Marketing rules the world

Apple is flawless in synchronization. The interface is just way simpler than android. Apple>Samsung and this is coming from someone who said Id NEVER buy an apple product. Now I have an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and a mac book air

Samsung might be better on paper but not when it comes to user experience (they get much slower after a couple of months) Was on team Samsung for a decade and switched to iPhone 1.5 years ago No return to Samsung in sight

Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Best phone I`ve ever owned. Bonus feature is washing it under faucet if something spills on it.

I can smell something is burning! If samsung is really making that great phones then who 90% of the population dont care? Do you mean to say 90% are dumb? Plus only new tech doesnt matter how you imply it and how reliable it is, that matters!! Which clearly has done

I can`t stand apple products, however I`m glad so many other ppl do. $AAPL

Pictures way better too smh

Apple is a superior over all the high end Samsungs I had. Its not even close for me.

And Sony makes better phones than Samsung but no one bothers to even check them out. Rip their Marketing department

Apple is a revenue machine and we have a mountain of cash. How Much? Revenue generated every minute: Amazon: $837,000 Apple: $692,000 Google: $423,000 Microsoft: $322,000 Facebook: $202,000 Cash Line for $AAPL $204 Billion This is $1b It shows the power of marketing and the power of branding. And most probably - Brand loyalty of Customers.

Samsung cares about Apple about as much as a boot cares about an ant . I wish I could have a Samsung phone but Apple operating system.

I`m over here with my Google Pixel

Huawei`s cellphones where too.

No joke - I`ve never owned an iPhone Probably on my 5th Samsung

Some will say its due to a switching moat...I alternate every few years

The attack on green bubbles was one of the best marketing moves of all time.

Facts The Note has been the King of the Hill for along time. But even I am stuck with crapple because of my family brainwashed

Been on Samsung for 7yrs

Customer service a big factor any Apple product bought anywhere can be brought to Apple store

Apples proprietary software >>>

Once their camera is better well see the narrative change

Outside the US it`s a different story, Samsung dominates globally

The power of branding and marketing

Lol its true but thats why I have Both

Cause the os is preferred, simple as that. Like windows is preferred over Mac an Linux.

LG makes the same phones far cheaper. Both are dope though.

Cant beat the software + hardware combo and continuity across other devices though

Look into how much P&G spends on marketing vs R&D, marketing is all that matters

This has been true forever, but Apple wins because of the ecosystem they created around ease of use and their devices.

No those phones are ass Ive had both recently and iPhone is superior

Apple takes everything Samsung releases and literally comes out with the same shit lol which is crazy. I heard a saying once aint nothing wrong with being a copy cat, it just depends on the cat you copy

Functionality, OS, seamless use between all devices over features all day

Shows the power of branding

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