Samsung`s 13.3-inch tablet to be released in 2014

November 6, 2013, 4:14 pm
Samsung`s 13.3-inch tablet to be released in 2014

After hearing rumors about Samsung`s possible release a 12-inch tablet, now new rumors want Samsung to unveil an even larger 13.3-incher as soon as 2014 circulated around the internet.
According to a report coming from ETNews, the Korean giant is getting ready to release a 13.3-inch Android tablet sometime next year. Even though many believe that even the 9.7 iPad is too large to be convenient as a mobile device, Samsung has proved before that has a feeling of what the market wants; no one for example could believe just how popular the Samsung-inspired phablets would be with consumers.
Interestingly, ETNews notes that Samsung is really disappointed by recent Galaxy S4 sales and wants to change its strategy, hoping to redefine the tablet market with something as grand as a 13.3-inch slate.
According to ETNews, the new device would specifically target on the struggling PC and laptop business, and may even feature an octa-core processor.
It remains to be seen if the rumors prove to be true, and if Samsung will redefine the tablet business, the same way it did with the introduction of the Galaxy Note phablet, a couple of years ago.
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