⚽️ Score a great deal on FIFA 22 for

November 27, 2021, 11:13 am
⚽️ Score a great deal on FIFA 22 for
Score a great deal on FIFA 22 for Black Friday:

please can I get my account back I promise that I won`t ever break the terms and service ever again

My case number is 0186 7381 and you`ve so far sent me (x2) emails about resetting the game and installing patches. I`m not interested in patches, I want my refund. thank you.for any reading this is the (x4) time I`ve requested a refund.GTATrilogyDefinitiveEdition

Cool. Now people can waist just a little be less money on it now

You mean FIFA 21 except one got added to the sequel number? lol

So many great Playstation Black Friday and CyberMonday deals everywhere except the Playstation Store. Feel sorry for those discless PS5 owners, looking at all those physical games with way better discounts. EA still make sports games 2K21

Day 3 of asking for Bloodborne PS5 60 fps update Fifa 21 better, game physics of 22 is all wrong

EA sports and Rockstar need some humbling.

Don`t care 2k is better

Yeah but where is The PS5 pro?

When can I get Playstation s please

Sell it for free to fight racism imo

Why would anyone waste $$ on a soccer game when there is no joy at all in playing the game? And Yes I played soccer as a kid and got bored of it and hated the rules so I quit playing.

can we get more playstation 5 pls :(

I will wait until it is on sale for $5 just like I do every year.

Prefer FIFA on the PS2 at least you can defend on it.

Xbox is way better

Xbox makes better consoles + Ratiod effortlessly

PlayStation better

Here before xbox better comment

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