July 27, 2021, 7:05 am
Seriously. Apple does Magnetic Wireless Charging and then suddenly Realme wants to do it. Even calls their charger MagDart

Please tell me this is a joke

Agreed. I hope android get a magsafe like feature one day for sure.

Magsafe is cool I like it, that`s no gimmick. I was talking about the magsafe charger how they won`t include it with your iphone purchase.

Nice, but in Canada the prices look so unappealing which is why Ive never bought the accessories. If they put at least the MagSafe charger in the box Id probably use it every day. But they just had to charge 60 CAD for it not to even come with a power brick

Like I said, why is everyone copying apple?

SMH everyone wanna be apple.

coincidnce: (X) Doubt

The camera module looks so similar to the OnePlus 9 too lol

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