Shill me the BEST games on #Cardano! I am

October 4, 2022, 10:50 pm
Shill me the BEST games on #Cardano! I am
Shill me the BEST games on Cardano! I am already looking at Boss Planet, & What else is top quality? CardanoNFT

is the best. is pretty sick too. is gonna be dope. With a mustache like that I bet youd love the guys over at Hey, you can check Machiavellic! A Rogue / Dungeon Crawler MMO Play-&-Earn Game on Cardano. the potential for this project is huge. And with the quality and attitude of the team, they have the ability to really make something special

Welcome to your true home in the metaverse. CardanoIsland is all you could dream of and more, with our launch right around the corner we definitely believe now is the perfect time to dive in and take a look at what we are building! The Cardano Island map is filling up quickly in They have some great IP partners like and have been building since 2017, and you happened to ask during their land claim event. Hope to welcome ya over there soon mate You`ve got less than a day to be eligible to claim one of these amazing aircrafts as a gift for minting a small or medium plot within We`d love to have you join the CAF and just saying! Although they are an music event based project but with mind blowing maps, music and graphics. Better check Solana that keeps on making high quality games such as that is built by seasoned game devs who worked on titles such as Halo, FIFA, Battlefield, and others.

for sure!

The island awaits This auto-battle game has everything, pfp, items, hero classes, skill cards.. oh and you can earn up to 5 different tokens with Fluffy! There is more too but one tweet it`s not enough, check it out Cornucopias is the best gamming metaverse on Cardano Stache join the discord im sure they can make you OG

is probably the top game closest to release that will have massive draw. no 1 Then comes the rest

Checkout >>Shards of Ninava<< Came out in June and still improving Definetly ! Amazing racing game coming this November with awesome graphics! Check the staking website aswell:

drop their game soon

Check out Still in early development, I believe. Also, check out More of a metaverse world bullding project. & & Really worth checking them all out.. All been part of the community since the start. Still here! Still building!

The ones you can actually play or interact with And I think as well!

I wish Xcom terror from the deep would come?

Take a look at they just started !

! A whole new style

, , are all undervalued right now. People seem to have forgotten Pavia and are sleeping, already breeding Dino`s, and earning chibis currency just for holding!`s a game right!?!?!? is releasing it own nami intergrated poker platform at the end of this month! It`ll run with our token $C4...its also the FIRST in a suite of games that will be developed to create our own arcade Croctober Check out In Croctober, we got 2 major things coming out: 1. A new poker platform (nuff said), and 2. Croc or No Croc!!! (Gameshow similar to Deal or no Deal, but the prizes are NFTs (mostly crocs but some other NFTs too)) Croc Hype! If Poker is your thing, has the platform for you. Releasing this month Croctober

, and are my top picks!

will be dropping the first nami integrated Poker platform this month Stache I`ve told you my man.. look no further than the gamefi fps conquest in beta P2E.. You came at the right time! This week our game is coming out! Pickup some HOOTERS while they still cheap Metaverse Stache, Metaverse is the way to go, you of all people should know that. You coming to CNFTcon? If yes, stop by at booth, would be happy to speak to you. Also another one is Great founders and amazing things to come with the clan wars!! Can check out The lead is among The undervalued gems are and Thiss not a shill. Just a report.

Go play Good choices, Also check , , , , Check out Its a hold to earn game that takes place over several months on the blockchain epochs. Doxxed team in 2 of the 3 phases already minted, game launch Q1 2023. Amazing alpha bro

Look no further than Their game has been out for a while and now they are releasing a governance token. Be there or be square! Constantly overlooked is building a massive entertainment ecosystem. Their game (alpha version) has been out for months!!! are worth looking into. Already have a game that you can test.

See for yourself. has a working alpha version of their game and they recently hired a game dev with 20+ years of experience Thanks for already looking at BOSSPLANET! So excited to see what`s coming! BCRC Hey its the Wax guy! TY 4 the videos. I dont think youre old enough but there was a game called Mario Party (does flattery work?) has some minigames. Earn tokens while holding my & playing future things and fair more advanced Mocossi next month and Equine end of the year

Doxxed/professional/attending CNFTcon. This project intends to stand tall 3-5 years and beyond. is a really great choice

Is one of the best gaming projects on Cardano Gamified staking, easier less complex play to mint instead of play to earn Strong and fun game built mostly of chain and connected on the chain just when needed, making it practical, cheaper, faster, and easy to scale first Cardano game on

Watch for . Alpha version of the game coming soon What to expect in alpha: Litepaper V1: Ermmm fosho

ngl. is a really exciting prospect.

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