Should I shift from One Plus 9 pro Android

September 19, 2021, 4:49 pm
Should I shift from One Plus 9 pro Android
Should I shift from One Plus 9 pro Android to Apple I phone 13 pro max? What are pros and cons ?

Make a list of purpose for which you use your phone, select top 3 features you need and then select a phone accordingly.

I phone 13 is awesome

I feel that Android is much better, I have used iPhones for 6 years but after that I have switched over to Samsung Note series and presently I m using Note 20 ultra and there is no hangup problem. I suggest u to go for Note Series of Samsung.

I would recommend you to not switch to apple OnePlus is almost as good as apple Apple is way more overrated and overpriced

Both runs on different operating system so no comparison sir ji

Iphone is 100 time better then any android phone.

Loss value of money as well as return of investment. These is nothing pros for buying I phone when already a having a good phone in hand.

Security, fluidity, best cameras, and the selfie video from iphones are best than any other phones.

Yes, u should. Buy it once, then forget for 5-6 years.

Chirag Ji i am using iphone since 2012 and i am fully satusfied because of simple UI and fluidness of OS it is very much capable of handling multi apps at the same time because of optimal utilization of ram management

And the quality of apps is way superior than android. Apps like WhatsApp look completely different and polished on iOS.

Ecosystem- ipad pro, airpods pro, mac , apple watch- nothing even comes close to apples integration between devices

Best informed decisions are always best

One plus 9 Pro is ultimate display I am using same

Apple has only one Advantage Fantastic Eco System and Optimisation Android has Open System Advantage.

iPhone- good battery life, doesnt hang and no device heating

iPhone 13 pro max lene ka mood hai to local purchase mat karna sir. In the Indian selling price, you can have a 3N dubai tour and buy it from there. Dubai tour mat miss karna sir.

It`s like comparison between Maruti swift & BMW. Iphone always better than one plus As I use both.

You will get a good exchange value also and u can upgrade to latest I phone version as and when available. Once a i phone user is always a i phone user.

I phone 12 is better than i phone 12 pro or i phone 13. You can shift to i phone and with time you will be use to new OS.

You will have a seamless hang no lags.thats it!

If you want android freedom, go for Samsung note 20 ultra or S21 ultra best in class , IPhone (ios) is close ended OS. And comparing IPhone with budget android is not fair.

Value for money is never good for apple products. Its the premium that users pay to own the product which denotes higher status

If you want to save some money than go for iPhone 12 its almost same to 13 and pro max is only having two additional features i.e macro camera and 120 hz screen and nothing.

Yes, once an iphone user always an iPhone user. Performance and speed of iPhone will remain same even after 2 years.

Fir to naya phone lana padega Wait for mukesh bhai to launch something on that line

Definitely not the value for Money....

If budget is not a constraint go for iPhone

Both are totally different plateforms

Never.@oneplus is the best thing I have come across

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