Show this to Apple Fanbois! Yes this is Android

September 28, 2022, 4:43 am
Show this to Apple Fanbois! Yes this is Android
Show this to Apple Fanbois! Yes this is Android

So? This is So what ? If this is android

It`s really not that serious. Samsung makes the screens for the iPhone, they`re all basically the same minus a few parts and the OS. Use whatever everyone personally likes lol

Ugh. I can see all the vulnerabilities!

Im an Apple Fanboy but Ill admit that the AOD needs to be tweaked and refined, its nowhere near Android level

And this is iOS 16. Thanks for the recommendation, but no, thanks. Show this as well. Lol

Dont compare Apple with Oranges.

And it looks uglyyyy.

How many years it gonna last? Probably 2 years..max 3 years.. look at iphone.. even iphone 8 got ios 16 update..insane..

they will show you the back of the phone which matters them most

Whats so cool about it?

Swipe up and after lagging for twenty minutes you can finally see your home screen

Ayo do we have a problem?

What phone is on the left?

What the display is still dark only clock and some app icon are on

you forgot color os they also have animoji on AOD

People not affording iphone roasting others brands

So funny Where are the Notifikations? Background Image ?

Yeah no, we can tell

Even Nokias from 15-20 years ago had an always on display

Oh dang, never seen this before - said no apple user ever

Wow its a feature I dont care about on android and iOS

Android and iPhone both were born with some disabilities.Just pick the one you like. Never ever complain about software.. The software engineer keep switching jobs.

Yeah. Right. I dont think Samsung appreciates apple either sooooo

got No DYNAMIC Island on those android phones Power of Android :)

Wow, an always on clock. Samsung pushing the envelope of innovation. /s

Dont forget to install dynamicSpot and show to applefanboys

If it`s a Samsung it loses. Unless you need exploding batteries.

Show this to Samsung Fanbois!

Its 2022. NASA smashed a satellite into a meteor, at ~11,000 km/hr. Then theres youarguing why android is superior to iPhone lmao

dude seriously trying to make a point about AOD .. apple style is just different. people hate different and change, its only natural. but like all apple things, you`ll get used to it and android will copy it

But the moment you open the andoid phone and see the mess.. it really feels likes it an ANDROID

I dont understand how this is owning iPhone users. Can someone explain? Serious question.

Why the droids in the comments more pressed then the users

Apple users This is jack happy Halloween I like this style This is just apple cant beat the aod of android

Fix your battery swelling issues first

This is ugly and too long of a phone.

Everytime apple fanbois/android fanbois mentioned in a tweet, it always from india. So... Where are you from?

Me watching people Fighting in 10k mobile phone

This is a fanboy post. Its for Android fanboys and Apple fanboys. Its just a chance for people to crawl out of the woodwork and boast about their effing phones lock screen. How very 2008

After a while itll show the same time. (Screen burn)

So your saying this is staying true the actual meaning of the term Always On Display Really !! I feel Apple is actually doing that properly

im not sure if i get whats going on here its just a phone

This as well The Wright Brothers built the first airplane but it doesnt mean I wouldnt rather fly on a luxury jet that came after and worked better. im an apple fanboy and i can confirm that both those always on screens look very nice

Well the Iphone 14 and it`s 120hz displ.... Well the Iphone 14 pro and it`s never seen before Always on displ.... Mmm well the Dynamic island looks great under the sunli.... Damn

What phone on the right

lol androids gets laggy after a yr or 2,even if you free space it doesnt get refreshed,apple doesnt lag at all,it gets laggy when you dont back up or full storage but once u free up space it goes back to normal like its new

Yeah 20 seconds in an my brain cells have rotted

Those phones are huge

I have both the devices. I have Android Galaxy S20 and iOS iPhone SE. iOS is just too polished. to me android still feels like "in development". even though plenty of features came in android first, its iOS that makes them look and feel good. I love how consistent iOS is.

And Ill show my iPhones value after a year to android fanboys

Damn I want a Pixel 6 Pro so bad again

It`s nothing for someoneone who doesn`t used AOD lol. Be it android or iPhone.

Even if this phone could have someone crawl out of it and give me a bj everytime that I touched it, I would still chose an iPhone.

At least our batteries dont expand

6 year old galaxy s7 edge. It definitely look as tasteless as any androind. There was no need to clarifying.

Eww what a boring and obsolete design. Apple did it better!

Yeah, of course its Android it looks like trash. What are you trying to prove here?

It all comes down to which you believe will develop a better software, Apple or Google and I`d pick google any day. Tho I`d understand if you`re somewhat tied to the apple ecosystem.

Says the android fanboi

Y`know, when people said things like "it`s only good if Apple does it BETTER", I`d just have a good laugh. Now I`m here, still having a good laugh

35% sounds about right. Have you had that one off the charger for a few hours?

I disabled it. Why have it waste more battery when my watch notifies me for everything?

By the way kaun sa phone h??

this is true always-on display

You guys get 0 plagiarism

Nice! Now show the fanboys the swelling batteries caused by Samsung QA.

iPhone 14 Pro Left Pixel 6a Right Its not as bright in person (iPhone) The android looks better by far until you turn it on and actually use it

Wheres your background at??!? When you realize that no Android has always on display but ONLY mostly OFF display LMAO!!! BROKE BOI GHETTO ANDROID LIFE!!!!

Yes, it is ugly and completely nothing aesthetic.

With real always on display

iPhone Android debates in 2022. must be 12 years old

Had the one on the left. Imagine owning a badass sports car with world class specs but every time you drive down the highway at 60mph the engine overheats and burns up all your gas while losing power. Then the manufacturer tells you its within spec. thisisandroid

All Indians in slums can afford

And another android with which you are taking this photo.

I dont understand your point? This is Apple. Ok... and what`s so exciting to see in those phones? The hours? The battery percentage? The ultra-reflective screen? The reflex of some fingers?

what`s the point?

I like how the one on the left looks. Pretty cool!

Nice Thats the correct way even as an apple fanboy

Lmao these are devices for broke people. I see these on Walmart counters

Apple still doesnt have bloatware preinstalled

Technically this is an always on clock , while apple made the real always on display android copied always on display

Whats the phone on the left?

Pixel ui is so nice, samsung ui is so full of features but looks ugly.

If Android is better, it wont lose the US marketshare from 80% to 45%. People vote with their own money.

Android does it better

Just wait n watch. The way Apple did the AOD on iPhone 14 Pro series will be standard.

What am i looking at?!

This u ?

And now? Is simply a brazen copy of Apple. By the way: the Apple version looks even more beautiful.

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