Since it`s #screenshotsaturday and if you are an #indiedev

February 6, 2021, 6:41 pm
Since it`s #screenshotsaturday and if you are an #indiedev
Since its screenshotsaturday and if you are an indiedev share your games below and I will retweet everything! You know the drill. And gooooo! gamedev IndieGameDev indiegames indiegame

Hey buddy! Here`s what I din in my game today. I just made an animation for the door of the cave. Footage from my game-"Nuri"-The Last Villager screenshotsaturday indiedev gamedev I`m glad you find it.... Thanks! I`m working on a lowpoly style aerial combat sim with cool looking afterburners: Thanks!! This is Esse Proxy ( a Top-Down shooter. located in a dystopian future not so far away. Steam: screenshotsaturday indiedev gamedev IndieGameDev indiegames indiegame It most certainly is not ;) this is Barryo

Hey hey! Here`s No Place for Bravey, an action RPG inspired by games like Seguro and Dark Souls and with a heavy focus on narrative. Demo available during the Steam Game Festival: Sounds great. The Roseport Theatre from my game, The Last Chronomancer Free Demo here: Thank you! Don`t forget to check it out on Steam

Thanks for the motivation!!!

I`m just making a lost alex ignore me

Very much need a new rpg

Boat game

Need to follow this one too

I`m very interested in this one

If anyone sees this and is open to answering questions for YouTube and your game is released hmu!

Hey, Alex! Here`s our screenshotsaturday! Rising Hell is a vertical platformer rogue-lite filled with adrenaline-pumping action and tons of heavy gothic metal shreds. Coming soon to Steam! Soul Quest, a kind of platformer with puzzles and combat. Still on a very early stage Hey Meet Claire, Thanks Thanks as always! Today, I posted Spacewing War Story Mode intro cutscene! I`m working on my SHMUP pinball game! Made a new gravity mechanic this week! Hiya , haven`t much new this week, but... AHHH thank you!! Glad you like it

Hello! This is PathofKami a game about a wolf and his mother on a journey to the Spirit World Hey! Thank you Alex! Let me introduce to you: CLOCKWORLD - Arolls Legacy! A storydriven adventure game with focus on digital art style! The first keyvisual we made! Happy Saturday fellow devs Heres my contribution for this week

Thanks Alex! We`re making an adventure game where you play as an animal in a world reclaimed by nature. It`s not always easy being a tiny (and probably tasty!) little marsupial... Hey Alex! I`m discovering that some bugs I have created might actually be features Thanks again for your support Alex, as always! Something a bit different this time, a quick doodle of the next level zone we are working on for CATPUNK! What I`ve got is Lumpy Space Pirates! (Thanks and hi, Alex ) Amazing Fix is a hidden object game about renovating and decluttering weird houses. Add us to your Steam wishlist : AmazingFix casualgame game games indiedev indiegame IndieGameDev gamedev Good stuff alex! Let me drop this here ScreenShotSaturday here you go! madewithunreal ue4 UnrealEngine Animation 3DAnimation Gamedev fgc fightingGame indiegames indiegame indiedev Hapless game dev and theater company decide to crowd-source the story for a visualnovel. Potatoes ensue. HowtoWin is currently being highlighted as part of the SteamGameFestival - please show us some love! this is for ants in space game! Thanks as always Alex!! Here is my screenshotsaturday for Alien Scumbags. Available below Every fantasy world must have a bar...

Thanks Alex! Here my entry! Thanks Alex as always for the love and support of indie games and their creators. Thank you for the kind words and rt!

I am going to let the demo hang around a little after the festival. I can see the stats and people`s backlog is ridiculous looks like and I want everyone to play that wants to. If you are interested in doing a stream of something let me know. I know a guy that can hook you up!

Thanks for the thread, here are some fresh screenshotsaturday entries how our zombie healing colony sim game is coming along. Cheers! Hi there Here is my contribution for screenshotsaturday Wish I had a pro streamer doing it instead of me, but you know how it is marketing budget blah blah. Any rate no one knows the material better than me. People will just have to live with my deplorable lack of or excess of personality (which ever shows up)

Cool, this is a project what I am working on. Thanks . We`re working on the latest update for Now & Then, a story-driven adult VN about a widower and his adopted daughter trying to survive during the early stages of a "zombie" (more like infected) pandemic. Here you go Alex, have an amazing weekend We`re teasing some loot sytem work for our cyberpunk heist RPG. Every level offers the possibility of more than just what you came for. But if you overreach, will your crew even make it out alive? ScreenshotSaturday RPG Gaming IndieDev PCGaming 2112TD tower defence survival! A slug storm is approaching! Cloud with lightning indiedev gamedev IndieGameDev indiegame indiegames madewithunity screenshotsaturday here is what i got for this week :) I hope you`re having a good screenshotsaturday, Alex! Here`s my contribution. indiedev here having too much fun with laser guns Thank you so much! Here is our progress: Thannks for your support! ^^ We`re working on a platformer brawler called Ninza. You push blocks to crush your opponents! Thanks Alex! Here are our improvements to the level editor! Our humble gg21 entry, Find Em` Sheepers for your consideration! Thank you for this! Oftalmogarden is a fast and chaotic roguelike shooter full of eyeball monsters, it has a free alpha demo too! Ruthlessly beating my wife at my own game! Zapped by the lazerball! Hi everyone! Alex, thank you for supporting! This was a really tough week so there is much new stuff!! We`re thankful for your support ! thanks dude!

MERCS is a turn based wargame set in the future! You take command of a greedy private military contractor and dominate your contracted enemies in the name of money! Please forgive the repost. Testing my disability today. The evil priest who you are now able to fight in the extended demo! Thanks again! Thanks for the help !! Thanks Thank you!!!! Im trying to use all my new pixel art skills haha

Since last time, I got a trailer! Starting to show off my latest project! Jokers. RPG I`m working on, basic combat and AI in action! Hanks ! Im working on theblackpeppercrew a tactics game about bounty hunting and whatnot!! Less game and more game ENGINE, but here is a game engine WIP that uses only one triangle for a scene. Lunar Axe a pointandclick adventure with hand-drawn art, where you need to unravel the mystery of inexplicables tremors and save the city from destruction The Hollow bog for this saturday. Thanks Alex! Cheers as always Alex!

Hey fellow Alex haha, thanks again for the opportunity! Here is a recent game I started working on, its called Mole Knight and I have a small demo on itch! First time being first on here :)
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