Skypeoplemaster s five stars is a turn based side scroller rpg

January 25, 2021, 9:35 am
Skypeoplemaster s five stars is a turn based side scroller rpg
Five Stars is a turn-based side scroller RPG for Android, iOS & web browsers. Users can collect more than 90 diff-unique heroes & play PvP Battles, competitive dungeons, raids and P2P NFT item trading. INFO SNN1 SmartLiquidty

It`s really great to see how gaming and crypto and the world of defi has merged together for users to experience the best of both worlds. Try out RPG game just like any other games out there but the catch is you can acquire NFT items! Wow! SNN1 SmartLiquidity

I`d love this type of a game, nice features they have, good for free time and also earn while you playing. It`s great also you can switch any heroes you want. Thumbs up for this SNN1

Accessiblity of on various operating system is great on turning gamers into blockchain industry as well. The Game is similar to renowed games in the market today but p2p NFT item trading makes it more. SNN1 SmartLiquidity

More in more gaming platforms are coming into NFT industry, like this one an RPG game or Role Playing Games that is available on android, ios and on the web SNN1

This was an amazing adventure given by , it gives excitement to its player while having chance to collect NFT where they can sell for money as well, two strikes, play and earn system great job! SNN1

to collect more than 90 different unique hereos and play Pvp battles, competitive dungeons,raid and P2P that can be trade in the NFT.Playing games that is already engaged in crypto is more enjoyable and profitable, players can earn money while playing this game.SNN1

Five Stars is a Korean blockchain RPG game and one of NFT project, with this all players of RPG will learn about cryptocurrency it is a good combination of playing games while earning tokens at own spare time. SNN1

Gaming has engaged in the crypto world nowadays, mainly because it`s a great way to ease the boredomness. This RPG is available in both Android and iOS so it`s no problem to those who doesn`t have either. This RPG let`s it`s players customize the attributes and stats of each

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