Sleep tracking on Apple Watch is so baaad

December 5, 2021, 10:38 pm
Sleep tracking on Apple Watch is so baaad
Sleep tracking on Apple Watch is so baaad . Huawei for me is now the undisputed champ of sleep tracking

Yes definitely ...i m using Huawei watch GT2.. Sleep tracking is tooo good.. 24*7 sleep track . Also track small naps

Amazfit enters the chat room....

Once somebody tells me the value of non scientific sleep tracking without temperature, proper respiratory rate, blood pressure, eye movements and more I will get a smartwatch that really focuses on it. Otherwise all it tells me whether I move around a lot. Your incentive to go

Huawei was literally the best android brand. The P30 pro is still my favorite design ever. Remember how good the battery+charging combo of that phone was at the time.

I think Huawei in general is the undisputed king of tracking, that is why it got slapped with sanctions!

Also realtime heart rate. Can vouch for That.! Good stuff on Magic watch 2 but the step tracking in app is so screwed up why does huawei mix phone and watch step count like who wanted this?! THE MAGIC WATCH 2 has such good tracking i am so impressed even though i am late to the party there

Huawei watchfit os good for all kind of health tracking

You should try the Galaxy Watch4. It`s by far the best smartwatch I`ve ever used in terms of sleep tracking accuracy.

Using the latest one and sleep tracking doesnt seem to be as bad as you are portraying lol

Even the OG Mi Band from from like 6 years ago for 999 was better in this regard lol.

Waah. Also, sleep tracking is shite. I agree.

Have you tried galaxy watch 4?

Mi Band 6, have been using it for sleep monitoring. Almost accurate with also nap detection.

Tune Apple Watch Liya?

I use my Realme Watch S just for Time & notification

Yeah! My honor band was pretty accurate and even alerted me of high heart rate sometimes during sleep. It was when I used to sleep upside down (face in pillow), obstructing my airflow.

+1 this. Amazfit`s is good as well

Mai bhi huawei band 6 use kr rha hu sleep tracking is awesome

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