So glad I waited until I got the PS5

August 24, 2021, 5:04 am
So glad I waited until I got the PS5
So glad I waited until I got the PS5 to play.

Mine came in the mail today and the biggest problem im facing right now is I don`t know what to play first.

I`ve had mine since release and haven`t played it :)

Nice! Glad you like it!

Yo Im bummed I didnt wait for when I got the PS5 I played the heck out of in the 60fps then a week later they released the Ray Tracing 60fps, but at a lower resolution. Still I wouldve loved to play the whole game in RT

My spouse was the same way, played so much Miles. Now, I`m waiting for Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga.

Its SO good on the 5

Im still mad I platinumed miles, just want more to do in that world.

Bro. Miles is so good. Platinum is an easy jump. Super accessible

dude im in the same boat. ive been buying playstation games for like a year and a half when they get on sale with no way to play em. hoping i can get lucky and score a ps5 one of these days

Spider-Man alone makes me want a PlayStation.

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