So "Harmony OS" is official, but I don`t get

June 3, 2021, 4:22 pm
So "Harmony OS" is official, but I don`t get it. - Their watches run a "LiteOS kernel" - Their tablets and phones run a Linux kernel - An "open Harmony" project exists with an actual HOS kernel, but doesn`t currently run on any devices - Yet all of these are somehow Harmony OS?

As far as i got it , HOS describes the ecosystem of Mobile devices and Home electronics, rather than a single operating system. Ist looks like even though the technical underlyings differ, they have built sth in top that allows their devices to integrate more deeply.

Harmony, to me, looks more like a "distro" of Android than a separate operating system with a UI (or as I`d like to call it, a DE or a Desktop Environment) that mimmicks iOS`s looks, like every Android skin coming out of China.

The names of all the OSs have been harmonised. That`s it.

Without getting into the naming stuff, it seems they built/trying to build a platform with common APIs that handle the whole kernel differences under the hood (abstraction layer) It seems that any one commenting here see the presentation. - Watch 3 update for Watches with Android - Devices need to upgrade to HarmonyOS - They compared with EMUI - They compared performance with Android - Years ago they said that will be compatible with Android apps

Someting to think about is the release of watch 3, that is a new versin of the watches with Android wear of 2015 and 2017. That ones were watches, the GT Line or Band are only smart bands for them. And for the phones and tablets, they will need to upgrade to HarmonyOS.

Awesome Can`t wait

Tbh yes i think their phones and tablets are renamed android 10s. Huawei need developers for hos, a workaround for google apks to work in hos is just meh

What`s weird that Huawei is advertising it as something completely brand new. I`ve seen this comment spammed in any mention of HarmonyOS on Youtube. Care to break this down and shed light into this? Just like .NET back to 2000

Fake it until you make it. They forked Android for phones and tablets, and got a small embedded OS for wearables. Meanwhile they are working on the HOS (and the OS on top of it) with which they plan to replace the others once it`s ready. They don`t have the time to wait for it.

Harmony OS seems to be a linux kernel with a custom stuff added over it

exactly what happened, it seems. :D

At this point its all just the same. Huawei is making the same mistakes Samsung made all those years back. No coherent strategy just slapping branding onto a existing OS.

If it is an Android but I confused . How!? Can you explain this and How? If it is an Android then why it is shown device as Emulator. I don`t get it too... Its to not confuse general public, may be? Eventually they will get it right and slowly unify all of them, but for now its just the name. Id like to think so

They will update all devices with HarmonyOS by the end of the year. They will phase out the other OSes eventually.

As you said in an earlier video, HOS is just Android as its base. Nobody can match Android and iOS as theyre far ahead in the race. So creating an OS from scratch at this stage is next to impossible. So Huawei is just playing a bluff here.

Not very harmonious.

This is called chineese equality...Just for fun

Is there any app compatibility between them? then it makes sense

Maybe they`re going to replace liteOS and linux with HOS kernel but they`re just not ready. We`ll see what time brings I guess.

It`s probably just for marketing purposes, to strengthen their software branding. Like hey, we no longer depend on Google for software, but it`s OK, we made the all powerful Harmony OS that runs on everything.

It kinda seems you don`t understand what you`re talking about yet but want to sound critical nonetheless. Obviously, we can`t know everything but your questions are definitely so random. And here I was, just starting to get into your stuff, content and all.

So are you talking about, new devices or old devices here? Because harmony devices are supposed to be new, while some old devices`ll get the new OS overtime HOS is not on old devices yet (mainstream) that`s why no old devices run it, duh. But new ones will + upgrades over time.

To me it sounds like they just rebranded everything that android offers.

The conversation at Huawei`s R&D team: "What if we copied Apple, but badly? We will keep the name for consistency, but we skip on using a single code base. Let`s just use whatever we find in the lab and whatever is no.1 at popularity rankings on the internet."

from a quick look, there`s the following fundamental frameworks - "Java UI Framework" - "JS UI Framework" - "Atomic Services" ("future-oriented user applications") these seem to me like Android apps, web apps and package bundles, but artificially restricted to "HarmonyOS"

It seems that they`d like to create a harmony across different devices "ecosystem", yet they are not a like or at least it doesn`t appear so. Also, creating something from scratch with different kernels and making a "switch" for existing systems doesn`t seem to be a good move.

Why is naming such a topic with tech reviewers. Get over it, naming is THE marketing tool, we watch you reviewers because we know it means nothing, dig deeper, give us the truth, and stop complaining about marketing... Sorry for the rant, LTT, Gamers Nexus and others do the same.

3 OSes running in harmony by having absolutely nothing to do with each other but sharing a brand.

Strange scenario. We are in for a confusing Friday Checkout.

Honestly, that all sounds just like Huawei.

I think it`s really just that huawei thinks people don`t care about the definition of what an OS is, and wants people to think that any system software on a huawei device is Harmony OS

Please do let me know if you know something I don`t, I`m breaking my brain trying to figure it out Makes no sense on an OS type of view, but from a consumers

I mean what did people expect. That Huawei makes in 1-2 Years a complete new system? Something that google developed over years?

RIP. I was hoping for something interesting to happen. :(

Is Harmony OS for smartphones still just Android (EMUI) is disguise?

HUAWEI is doing Clickbet

These Harmony OS`s are lacking harmony.

yeah, it seems to me like more of a branding effort, even if they share frameworks to some degree

neither do I and a lot of other people. Everyone who has a bit of technical knowledge and half a brain knows Huawei is just desperate at this point to appear "unphased" amidst their crisis. Basic PR move.

Sounds like there`s no harmony in harmony OS, ironic

Please help me understand if I`m wrong, but Huawei seems to have just renamed all of their existing OS`s as Harmony OS without actually making them the same in any way that would justify them being called the same thing?

But may be it will exclusively for China

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