So I`ve never owned wireless earbuds, but I think

October 11, 2022, 6:24 pm
So I`ve never owned wireless earbuds, but I think
So I`ve never owned wireless earbuds, but I think I`m going to be in the market. Who uses wireless earbuds? Which ones do you have and why?

I have 2 pairs. The ones I use most are by ONN. The stay in my ears while running, lifting weights, & kickboxing. I LOVE them!

Yep. There is a button on the case you push to put them in pairing mode and you just scan for open bluetooth with your phone.

I use bone conduction headphones. They are a wrap around style and you can still hear environmental sounds fairly well. Plus they are water resistant and fairly good at staying put. I like them better than using traditional bud style headphones.

Im pretty sure they do. I had a pair of their overears and the sound was great and they lasted 10 years.

You should take a look at Marshall brand earbuds. I want them but I already have the apple ones and not a fan.

I use an older set of LG earbuds that are not really earbuds exactly. They have a thing you put around your neck that has the controls, and the buds are wired to that. Does a good job of keeping me from losing them.

Not sure. I have Apple. When I had Android, soundcore worked well and the sound was good for the price.

My opinion as an audio professional: Beats and apple are the best consumer/pro-sumer products available. I think Apple are the most comfortable.

I tried a pair, but I have long hair, and my hair kept brushing them which kept pausing the music, so they were basically a waste of money.

I have a pair from and they are amazing. Great battery life and quality of audio. I used to have Pixel Buds but their battery didn`t hold up and Google couldn`t help me.

Big fan of the Apple Pods Pro.

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