So many of the comments on this are people

August 28, 2021, 11:43 pm
So many of the comments on this are people
So many of the comments on this are people flexing how expensive their android phones are, so my hot take is whenever I see someone who paid an unnecessarily absurd amount of money for anything, I assume they`re a mark or an asshole or both

They have a faster CPU,more RAM, more storage and better camera, but people might only notice having more storage. On my phone, some web pages are sluggish some of the time, but, nothing that would persuade me to spend $1200 on a phone. You can shoot 4k video on a $450 phone now.

Android is definitely more flexible, but, they definitely aren`t all cheap. Yeah, I work in tech and we`ve got both iOS and Android users. I have Android now and will probably stick with it because it works best with my cheap-ass phone service.

@xto9074 I`m firmly convinced that the performance differences between a high end flagship phone and a decent-enough phone are negligible to nonexistent for the vast majority of users

Yep. The cheap phones were straight up garbage in the early years of the smartphone, but, now it`s pretty ridiculous to spend $1000 on a phone.

Only wears name-brand clothes but the brand is old navy

Big Maine energy. A lot of people go to great lengths to pretend to be rich. In Maine its the opposite, like angus king wearing wranglers

Posted from my $180 phone that can do all the stuff phones do

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