So what`s the plan then? I Know Right

August 13, 2021, 6:21 pm
So what`s the plan then? I Know Right
So what`s the plan then?

I Know Right

Pretty much just means he doesnt wanna be a copy cat and make a counter game to every playstation and Nintendo game. Like Xbox has Forza,fable,perfect dark,starfield etc.. all in development, a wide variety of genres

More midcore gamepass filler

25$ premium game pass

Idk probably everything else?

More CGI trailers of games that don`t exist & have no gameplay to keep fools who are subbed to Gamepass on a leash with dreams of PlayStation quality AAA games that will never come

What`s funny, is if you read the "article" Spencer isn`t actually answering that headline or that question. Never says anything about single player big blockbuster anything.

since people cant read and fall for the headline

he`s going for that isometric 60 meta trash

How is he vague? They have a very diverse list of games coming out from 3rd person rpg, first person rpg, fps shooter, 3rd person horror, racing, party, etc I can keep going on. But he doesn`t want to stick to 3rd person blockbuster games.

I mean halo games have been GaaS since halo 5

The plan is to make sure their games are good enough for GP which I`m sure there games will still quality enough well more so hope they are and continue to build their sub base

To have a wide mix of genres constantly being put forward.

Did you read the article Akira?

Maybe a stronger focus on multiplayer games? Halo makes a big deal out of the free multiplayer. Maybe we will see more more marketing in that direction.

There is no plan with MS. The only plan is to keep you subbed to GP no matter what. Even when they go years without releasing a AAA release they still want you subbed like a sucker.

Probably a focus on cooperative/multiplayer experiences I`m guessing. If Fable isnt co-op I will literally shit a brick

Lot`s of different games

Mediocre gamepass filler 60 metacritic bangers that 10 xboners will play

Gamepass 2 Does that mean fable 4 will be prioritised as a co op game rather than a single player story focused game?

The plan is to not compete in quality with Nintendo or Sony. The plan is to give gamepass subscribers many games but not on par with the big games they are used to it.

Now I`m really worried for Bethesda games future ( mostly the elder scrolls)

GP numbers are down, Phil you`ll have to do something!

So what the whole industry is doing ? Lackluster multiplayer games

I wonder what he`d call perfect dark, hellblade and the rest of the zenimax lineup? quite contradictory

Well the how will be demonstrated by their games. For example, Halo Infinite, Avowed, Starfield, Redfall etc., these arent games that are directly competing with PlayStation`s games are they? And PlayStation has the usual massive IPs that are different from anything XGS is makin

titles kinda misleading if you read the whole thing..

Well he better think of something

Then again I have no clue so

Yeah not releasing the same kind of game as Sony isn`t a bad idea but I don`t know what Xbox is gonna do besides Bethesda stuff

Lineup will be diverse and not just one genre like Sony does

You know how much i love consistent.

Its like you will get 50/50 of good games and bad games. Its like inconsistent mix results.

If you get past the clickbait headline, what hes saying his, they dont want to make their own versions of Uncharted or Spider-Man or Returnal or whatever, they want to do their own thing which makes sense

He doesnt know what to do

Common sense, they`re going for different genres just look at their big upcoming games but most of it are wrpg by a quantity


From the studios they have now theyll have shooters, WRPGs, racing, platformers, simulators, and a few story driven 3rd person games

Only dualsense feature

The plan: I don`t I think what you guys see is journalists trying to capitalize off Game Pass/Xbox hype for clicks and you mistaking it as Xbox paying for good press

They`ll go for variety

Well just like people do with Sony Let the games speak I get you just wanna understand, but I don`t think him just flat out saying every single detail about what Xbox plans to do for the future is smart

Ya that is what he wanted to say he doesn`t want to copy maybe something different. i really want them to make more 3rd person cinematic story driven games but i don`t know what is his plan. wait sht isn`t this what you are trying to say my bad.

He want quantity and gambling.

Depends, some are smashing success like Fortnite and some are epic failures like Anthem

Gamepass quality games

Absolutely. Pretty much never had fun with MP unless it`s with friends. Fighting games are an exception, but they also don`t come out on xbox pretty often

He is always vague

Halo mcc and sea of thieves are bussin

His statement is literally exactly what you said Xbox`s plan shouldn`t be to just... copy Sony or Nintendo that`s dumb And remember when we talked and I told you what Xbox is aiming for in the future?

no but seriously what does he mean by that

Nothing wrong with that. I, myself, am a single-player type of guy.

Games as a service

It`s another way to say: we can`t make better games

Probably, they usually lean more into MP with their games, big example being how Halo Infinite`s MP is free.

And that`s how xbox lost me

more guerrilla marketing on social media convincing people xbox is better somehow

Bruh akira did you read the article man?

GaaS bs to keep people subbed to GP

Blockbuster multiplayer games. . .? I mean the way I know both consoles is that Xbox has good multiplayers and Somy has good singleplayers.. thats how Ive known them both for years

Gamepass and nothing

Better than paystations

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