So yeah my iPhone screen is brighter then my

January 24, 2022, 9:42 pm
So yeah my iPhone screen is brighter then my
So yeah my iPhone screen is brighter then my Galaxy screen and my Pixel screen just sucks ass. Only noticable because I be using all 3 devices at some point.

I just came to see the comments of people who was gonna tell you you`re wrong!

Try direct sunlight

No worries!

On auto brightness mode?

Yes, however i believe Samsung only allows 100% brightness when using auto brightness in harsh sunlight, it will never hit those peaks in manual brightness.

Try Hard that should be better , unless your directly under full sun

The iPhone lets you use 100% of the brightness. Android phones only use 100% of the brightness in a really bright environment or while watching HDR content.

I thought Samsung only reached max brightness watching like hdr videos or something like that

Google it S21U Max brightness 1500 iPhone 12 Pro Max brightness 1200 Pixel 6 max brightness 500 is from what I found. But my iPhone seems brighter outside

Both get to 1200 nits

Apple is more of a natural look but if you are into colors that pop Samsung is your pick Apple is better because their battery stand by time is beyond amazing

I know previously the tests using display calibrators had the iPhone displays get down to half as much as the lowest brightness on Samsung devices. I think all devices have great displays and for typical use would be in the same range. Extreme brightness or dim changes that a bit

Interesting. They must have worked on that. My Note 20 Ultra Fold 3 and Flip 3 definitely dont seem to go as dim. Maybe the S21Us LTPO version is different and also I havent seen any test for the measurement that would be on the newest versions of OneUI.

No it doesnt. Samsung and google both limit max brightness only when in direct sunlight and autobrightness turned on. Apple caps max brightness in 15 minute increments or every 5 minutes when the device gets hot, max brightness gets decreased, a lot sooner than androids.

Samsung screens go brighter than iPhone in sunlight. They do not go full brightness manually

iOS tends to automatically adjust without needing to enable anything to get it to go max brightness. I noticed my Fold and Flip (like my Note 20 Ultra did) requires that I manually slide up the brightness to truly get the dynamic range when viewing HDR content, sometimes.

But the quality in the Galaxy is More better than the iphone

Apple iPhone Pros have the best color gamut and best brightness then samsung and pixel is a distant last.

Sony Xperia says hi

For the Samsung device, I think you have to put it in a specific mode to get the brightest screen. You`re not going to get that just off the slider.

Manual iPhone can get into the low 800 nits and s21U I believe close to 500. But in auto they both go to 1000 nits.

I`m an Android fan, but Apple makes the best overall screens and their batteries are next level.

Yup, that checks out. GSMArena claims that the max brightness while operating the slider manually is 458 nits for the S21 Ultra & 850 nits for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In auto mode, the S21 Ultra goes up to 1023 nits, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max goes to 1050 nits.

Is the auto brightness on Pixel any good?

Which models are you using?

Is this the max auto brightness or when you operated the brightness slider manually?

@O40962168 Or the way Samsung calibrates their screens. Lol since Apple buys the panels from Samsung

I have the Pixel 6 Pro and while I think the screen is actually pretty great, the one thing Ive noticed is that it doesnt get anywhere near as bright as the iPhone. & I dont have a Galaxy but I heard Flossy Carter say last year that the 12 Pro Max was brighter than the Note 20

Ya forgot you didn`t have the pro lol, was wondering why you thought the pixel screen was ass.

IDK. Still in the return period?

My Pixel 4a5g was trash in the outdoors back last summer.

Thats one reason to get the Pro for some people

The iPhones max manual brightness is the brightest in the industry. Samsung can go slightly brighter but thats only watching hdr content

Do you think modern phones are too dim to use in bright sunlight? I dont ever run max brightness. Like today I turned my note full bright abs it was too much

Apparently the Pixel 6 Pro screen is much better

I`ve always noticed this. iPhones draw you in with the screen alone. And when I see pixel next to my ultra it looks washed and not so bright.

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