Solo, Duo or Squad? FPP or TPP? Play Now:

July 15, 2021, 12:00 am
Solo, Duo or Squad? FPP or TPP? Play Now:
Solo, Duo or Squad? FPP or TPP? Play Now: Download Now, go solo or get your friends, and jump right into India`s own Battlegrounds! BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA INDIAKAGAME INDIAKABATTLEGROUNDS PLAYNOW DOWNLOADNOW

So iOS and Android ?

Purchase Bonus is not there

Hey there I have paid money for UC but amount got deducted from my account no UC got credited to my account and no response from your end even after mailing you guys so many times Please address this issue at the earliest

There where hackers in game please bgmi

Please launch on ios i want to participate in bgmi esports.

This is very disappointing.. Where is the IOS version???

When it will available for ios?

iOS. Hey You cant see ??

Plz bring 90 fps option also

my account is banned (season16) for 10 year

What about ios users...

I didn`t got my daily Pack. I spent 90 rupees on it

Hey What About IOS update??

Play now????? What you mean?? You guys took more than 6 months to make a same game what extra you put here!!! surprising bugs? Disgusting framerates

He is hacking BGMI iOS Users I m Ready For C1S1 Conqueror Rank Push But No Way For iOS Users Only Wait

I buy 750rs uc but I didn`t get any UC

Please bring BGMI on IOS please

When it will come to IOS ???????

release on IOS!

Plz release iOS

Atleast tell us the date for ios bgmi

Hey, what`s about that Sprint button bug????? Do you guys planning to fix it? Or just acknowledged it and so ignoring it???

Please bring pc versions without emulators

We need BGMI "LITE`....

Guys.. Release in IOS too or we are going to miss this season RP C1S1 BGMIforIos BGMI

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