Sony has literally turned PS games into timed PS5

October 4, 2022, 8:24 pm
Sony has literally turned PS games into timed PS5
Sony has literally turned PS games into timed PS5 exclusives. Lol. Boy oh boy oh boy.

Xbox has no exclusives. Nice self own.

Lovve sony but this is wrong

At least we know if you skip a Gen, you`ll still be able to play the games you missed on the next console when they release the

A lot of their exclusives will remain PlayStation exclusives..

Theres a reason they dropped the Only on PlayStation logo on the game box art this generation.

Just go to pc and buy everything on steam like millions of playstation players before you

I think the PS5 will be the last console Sony will mass produce, Gamepass is Microsoft`s top priority in gaming and I believe they produce the Series X on as as-needed basis, I think Sony will take that route with the PS6

This is a new playstation whether we like it or not Mutiplat console

This is good for everyone

this is what ppl been saying for 2 years now, and this is why am happy with my PC am playing PC-only games playing Xbox games when they make them at some point, and also playing all the Sony games why tf would i go buy PS5 or Xbox?

We just brought a timed exclusive box. Great.

Architecture is too similar - You`re going to have to accept this fact eventually that all games may eventually end up on PC - Nintendo will be the only console with true exclusives - Playstation may eventually become as irrelevant and redundant as Xbox People want to act surprised by this

That may be the case, but my primary way to game will always be on console specifically Playstation

I play on ps so this doesnt bother me at all even if it was day1 pc gaming trash. But see people react to this is funny

Tbh this is good for Pc gamers. Slowly gaming is headed towards pc being the main primary gaming system. Even gaming stats are showing gamers migrating from console to pc. Porting Sony exclusives to Pc is a good idea and a win for Sony.

Exclusive on PlayStation is in the past smh Sony

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