started the rumors of acquisitions by xbox, and here

June 7, 2021, 6:46 am
started the rumors of acquisitions by xbox, and here
started the rumors of acquisitions by xbox, and here we go again xbox E32021

I just want the WB Studios IPs.

The Crytek rumours that started on 4chan? Been proven to be fake apparently.

Dunnow whats in the pipeline,no one of us knows,just wait till we hear anything official or they just rumours and nothing more. These kind of rumours create false hype and ezpectations,just chill and wait for xbox E3

They bought

I don`t think Microsoft bought wb, but after zenimax, it wouldn`t surprise me, especially with how fast GP is growing. No insider had a clue they were buying zenimax from what I`ve seen.

I heard they were buying Sega(jk), I just hope all the acquisition talk doesn`t damage people`s view of xbox`s E3 if one isn`t announced.

my friend I don`t doubt but nothing that comes through Macrosorft/Xbox seems to be buying all the way forward...

Sega, Square, Or WB would be nice.

Its hard for me to buy into this rumor but if it is true, gimme a guess as to what IP. Wild stab. Im going with the Warhammer/Warhammer 40k IPs. With the proper backing those could be really kickass games

Sure would be fantastic news for the Xbox platform for sure!

Jez came out and said that he didnt have any proof of this but wouldnt be surprised to see it.

I wish they bought SquareEnix so other platforms could experience FINAL FANTASY GAMES TOO...

link to this discord? or is private?

NetherRealms pls, NetherRealms

sorry I forgot to put where the rumor comes from, it came from jez so we know it`s from a trustworthy person Interesting considering someone from Sony said they wouldn`t be interested in Metal Gear without Kojima.

Microsoft could buy Koei, bandai, or some other eastern company to end this bullshit of releasing games on all platforms but no Xbox!

Still hoping for paradox interactive partnership/acquisition

Cool. That`s what I thought to be honest. Thank you for your insight.

WB games would be great Which ones? Haven`t heard about any?

You think any of the metal gear ip acquisition rumours are true???

Should focus on make their old studios good first. TC and 343 are not handling right the top IPs, Halo and Gears need rest and the studios new ideas on board. Also bunch of non used IPs in Xbox side.

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