tbh i still dont get why people need higher

May 28, 2021, 11:08 pm
tbh i still dont get why people need higher
tbh i still dont get why people need higher resolution than 1080p on a smartphone, laptops have 1080p and no one complains about making a higher res screen

I would have to look pretty closely to see individual pixels at 1080p. I do notice a sharpness difference between that and 1440p in smartphones. But I am also the person who thinks 4K in smartphones is ridiculous.

I don`t care about phone having 1080p but a laptop should must support minimum of 1440p or 4K screen esp that most watch movies or youtube videos and that extra sharpness really gives a damn to me

You also dont hold a laptop nearly as close to your face as you do with a smartphone.

agree, i could even live with 720p on a screen that`s about 5,5" max

Well, 95% of the things on a phone, we really don`t need minus texting and talking. I personally want everything

i can slightly tell that my pixel 3 XL screen (1440p) looks better my 4a screen (1080p) but I`m not sure if that`s a product of the small difference in resolution or some other factor

I can tell the difference between 1080p and 2160p. The question should be, if you`re paying more than 800 dollars for a phone, why are you settling for 1080p. You should always want more.

Idk. I think I`ve been with 1080p for a long time that I just don`t want anything higher because I don`t care. If I tried 4k for some time I would probably wanna use it for the rest of my life.

VR on a phone so it isn`t pixelated. Also it really is a tad bit sharper especially in high res games combined with high refresh rates

anything above 1080p is unnecessary

True. I wonder about the same thing

1080 for is barely acceptable. 1440p ftw

Im fine with my 828p iPhone, but on laptops or monitors I really need more than 1080p.

Np at all having a 4K or 2K display on a phone. But why doesn`t notebooks have better displays and Webcams with high reso relativity.

I would... Any laptop that I`ve used that has had a 1080p screen I`ve complained about

Well I`ve seen 1080p vs 1440p on laptops and it`s a huge difference on laptops also almost every laptop over 800$ has a 1440p screen or higher

1080p too little on laptops

@alexanderTernst cos people don`t really complain about having 1080p on a laptop, they are good with it

Yeah there I agree but you said laptops have 1080p screens

Most laptops actually have 1440p or 1600p screens it may not sound like a huge difference but on a 15 inch screen it really does make a difference

Both. Laptop and phone

I feel there are more android users requesting for a higher resolution display than there are Apple users carrying out the same request how about you what you think

I think maybe people mistake a higher resolution screen as meaning for better graphics on screen when really for that its a need for a better GPU and that is what gives better graphics

Picture all of your tools in the 5K part and the video playing in full scale in the 4K part for this explanation ignore the other resolutions Because when youre editing 4K HDR footage you need room on the screen for your tools scale dials while still having the film saying in its true 4K HDR state so having the 5K or 6K display you can work on the 4KHDR footage in a box with all your tools around it

Prolly higher res looks better in person

Any MacBook from 2015 or later has a much much higher screen resolution then 1080P

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