Tell me you use Xcode without telling me you

April 11, 2022, 1:59 pm
Tell me you use Xcode without telling me you
Tell me you use Xcode without telling me you use Xcode.

Clear Derived Data folder and run it again

Having to clear DerivedData

120 warnings so far

Prepare Apple Watch for development via iPhone

I`m able to compile C++ on my Mac

i develop iOS apps. :)

Downloading 15% of 12 GB

What the fuuuck??!

Did you run a pod install/update before?

Build app -> Wait for it.. -> Unable to install

Ill just quickly delete Derived Data

Deleting DerivedData regularly

I dont dont use Xcode Downloding..... Uncompressing...... Preparing components.... Preparing device..... Compiling.... A new version of the IDE is released. (Repeat)

I start my day smiling and I finish the day crying.

Ill wait 4 hours to install an update

this update might take all day

"Setting up your Apple Watch for development..."

Local dependencies? What? Ive seen none.

Let`s go to lunch, I have all the morning before I can start working, my IDE is updating

I think I need to delete derived data again

Ill tell you after Im done preparing my Apple Watch for development.

> xcversion install 13.3

Import combine lol

Unlock iphone to continue

iPhone is busy: Preparing the watch for development via iPhone

downloading and installing a fresh copy via App Store takes HOURS even with a super fast internet...

Clear derived data folder

Resolving packages

CMD + Shift + K and then CMD + R

"Preparing Apple Watch for development" (when nothing you`re doing has anything to do with Apple Watch)

I cant. My watch has to finish getting ready for development before I can do anything.

40 GB of space wasn`t enough to update it

The version 13.3 caused bugs in iOS 14

Swift is my best friend

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