Testing #KleverEx Desktop version!

September 14, 2021, 8:11 am
Testing #KleverEx Desktop version!
Testing KleverEx Desktop version! Team is doing an outstanding job building, creating and offering! Look at the cool features below! Which cool features do you see? Klever cryptocurrency exchange is a Masterpiece! Thank you, | klv

Still falling in the picture

Man I`m so excited for the desktop version! Can`t wait to see it! KLV

This is fire

it is nothing new compared to other basic exchanges.

Looks pretty neat

Look professional than the mobile version. Mobile version need to improve to compare with or . But the web version win them all


listen to your partner who will give you entry to the Middle East $ZPAe

Thanks for the amazing feedback and help as always!

Curious about will the bot plug into it ?

Yo is the desktop version fully live or is that end of September ?

I see a long-term price increase!

Wow nice

All in one

I will move everything to klever

Hi, are you going to have a giveaway?

This looks amazing

Looks very cool !


Klever will mark a before and after

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