#TextsGoGreen hit us different, that`s why we had to

June 19, 2022, 3:04 am
#TextsGoGreen hit us different, that`s why we had to
TextsGoGreen hit us different, thats why we had to drop this unofficial lyric explainer video GetTheMessage

Is Google worried about blue???

Youre just jealous. Theres nothing to fix.

Lemme know when you figure out multi sim RCS

Maybe Google should implement RCS on Google Voice before they complain about iMessage not using RCS.

Heres the thing about thisApple can adopt rcs and still leave the texts bubbles greenppl would still hate it and Apple will still have the upper hand

A business is trying to make money??? Gosh how dare they.

Nope. I prefer things how they are and the walled garden apple has. Thats why I buy them. Thanks though.

Green=Poverty. Dont me. Why doesn`t and other manufacturers start a push to sunset SMS/MMS on the carrier side? The same way 3G and EDGE are being disabled?

All the responses about Android`s multiple text apps don`t get it. It`s not the apps, it`s the technology behind it. Apple uses iMessage, or the OLD outdated SMS technology... When everyone else has moved on. Apple just needs to make one small change, but refuse.

How tacky .. maybe get your house in order how many different messaging platforms and changes have you made in a few years for a start

Wasn`t or isn`t Drake an Apple spokesperson? This stings a little more since it`s him.

Shots fired Android, the OS that has offered no less than 5 different messaging platforms in the last ~5 years because they continually can`t figure out their system. Sure, knock apple though =p

. cant relate

Apple pretends to care about privacy and security, only when it comes to boosting their profit margins Hypocrites

Omg Ive learned so much.

Only Apple can do that.

If only people would understand this. Apple intentionally makes global communication worse for profit

If only would listen to Drake.

How about you check this out?

Only real ones know this is a repost

Zero chill my goodness

The sass from Android sheesh

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