THANK YOU #xbox @jronald @XboxP3 @aarongreenberg @steinekin @JamesStanard @shieldsjames

July 12, 2021, 12:39 pm
THANK YOU #xbox @jronald @XboxP3 @aarongreenberg @steinekin @JamesStanard @shieldsjames
THANK YOU xbox for giving me options when it comes to batteries. Xbox is all about flexibility,options, prefernces this gen. Xbox isnt forcing their way of gaming on me :)

You said it breh

It`s cheaper than the ps controller`s for this reason. I`m fine with it and prefer xbox controllers across-the-board but it`s not only about giving players options.

Why doesnt Xbox include rechargeable AA batteries if you need them to play?

Buddy we are in 2021 and you still use a AA battery thats just sad really

I don`t have to worry about any of that swapping around nonsense, because I always have a fully charged controller ready to go... Bro we got your with batteries man if you cant get some

THANK YOU XBOX FOR MAKING US USE BATTERIES!... Damn Apple for not allowing me to put batteries in my phone and forcing their cables on me.

Duh thanks Xbox for ripping me off tor years thank for allowing me to spend my hard earned cash on batteries not games

You need a battery in your head


THANKS 2021 & still using AA batteries Exactly, I have 1 pair for my A/C while 1 pair is charging just in case une of the others get empty, just swap`em and no wires or waiting to charge needed.

Some will ignore point, usually rechargeable battery (green duracell) comes with 2 or 3 pairs, use 1 pair while the others are fully charged, once you deplete the pair on your controller just swap for a fully charged pair, put the empty batteries back to charge, no wires needed.

That doesnt even make sense

It`s not include in the phone you have to buy it, it`s not even the same thing, you don`t know what you are talking about...

Yeah but you need to charge it before, like controllers... Your point is trash bro

Go tell Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and co to put batteries in their phone, i`d like to use wireless phone as wireless phones...

You dont need to its called plugging it in lmfao you have to plug the batteries in? Ur adding a extra step for no reason haha

Thats the same with PS4 even the ps3 you plug it in or unplug it when you want wireless your way just costs more money and batteries haha pointless but for companies to make cash on you

How many batteries are you buying / going through each year? I thought the video was a troll but you are saying you like switches batteries? Lmao why not buy more? Ahaha

Lmfao! Good joke


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