The among us roadmap what s next for

June 10, 2021, 10:48 pm
The among us roadmap what s next for
The Among Us Roadmap what`s next for us?? here are just a few of our future plans: 15 players & new colors - Tan, Maroon, Gray, Rose, Banana, Coral map 5 achievements new roles & ways to play visor cosmetics more?! link to all info in the thread

Im not gonna let you nap until I get what I want

Oh.. I thought the sheriff thingy was Otto`s idea...

Alright. This alone is enough to make among feel less stale for me. Also potential map idea: Jungle Planet?

When is this update coming?

Why does this look so funny to me Idk why ok but did you add chimkin nuggie

Jeez. You all have been busy. :) Looking forward to playing some more.

Quick question! "New roles" will be a new game mode? I don`t really want to lose the classic Among Us Style!

I want olive color


MacOS please :( This game should run well on Macbook

Wow all this to get told SRRY haha we have no idea when among us for console will be out

sheriff? Urm ottos mod?

Are you actually going to make the game difficult? There`s no challenge unfortunately which is the reason I stopped playing months ago. The tasks are too easy and playing as the imposter is too easy to kill everyone and get away. I can see why people had to go and mod the game.

You know what I`ve been an extremely loyal Orange main but I might actually become a Coralism convert whenever the update drops...

why tf did this update take 100x less time than the other with more stuff lmao

Will you hold me?


IM HYPED FOR WHEN THEY TAKE A NAP!!! Srs tho yall need a nap after working so hard for lil ol us! Cant wait for whats in store!

what does visor cosmetics mean?

Any possible chance of giving us a friends list so we can make and play with friends, invite them to lobbies that we find

Yes, a Nap will be the biggest upcoming plan for them!!

The airship`s beds exist for a reason!

This game just keeps getting better and better... :D

Oh didn`t you guy`s hear? This game kinda.... died....

New roles?? YES PLEASE

Plz add detective role Every millions people want detective role on space mafia Plz answer me

I have a couple ideas how sheriff may work, but I am really curious what scientist will be like. And maybe a new role could be Snoozer, where you press the button and all the devs get a nice rest. In all seriousness, remember to sleep, slothpeople

(Watch the video, it gives you a heart attack [of the good ones])

nvm didn`t watch the video at first

Please do take a well deserved nap as soon as possible!

is there a hide and seek map?

We really need prox chat. Or voice chat in online lobbies

I expect you thank all modders for their contribution, specially ones that you show in the video, by pay or hire them :) I`m known that a lot of them are "just" big fan of your game, but I think it`s the minimum congratulations ^^

where xbox edition

Detective role: am I joke to you

Finally new roles being added. Achievements is a nice addition and looking forward to the new 5th map

Really looking forward to getting this on the PlayStation

I cry, the game is better every time

Wheres my barf color

When is the Xbox version coming out????

Get a nap first, then come back. You`re all working so hard.

I love you AmongUsGame

That nap part is a bit sus.

Tell me the secrets , or I won`t get a mini cremated >:(

Thats pretty cool dog

I really hope all of you are taking your time and not exerting yourselves <3

please don`t make the next map as big as airship it was too big and it`s too hard to keep track of what everyone is doing trying to sus out imposters is pretty much a guessing game

When you honk the horn, do others hear it? If so, I will be hitting that horn all game haha

i dont really play among us, but i do really like the updates and i might be playing it more because of the achievements, so yea GOOD STUFF!

the only cosmetic i want is a red and black hood please give some random guy on twitter his own item

what would scientist do answer me or your a SUSSY BAKA

You are just amazing you guys are on fire right now .OMG after that plz take a break u deserve it!!

I have a question. If cross-progress will be avalable, that means i could use PlayStation exclusive cosmetics on PC?

You should put me into the game thatd be cool

Still waiting on xbox. Yikes.

I saw angry eyebrows, is that a reference to a certain cute fan comic?

Yey, how much role in update among us???

I want to be able to talk normally in the chat again

Oh wow they made sheriff and hide n seek official modes now! That`s pretty pog!

31 seconds, he just got optic blasted from Cyclops Bro u literally scammed us, u said it was coming out on June 10

Thank you for this blessing

I shall wait patiently for the day we get a froggy hat/pet

Wait I thought you guys shut down the servers because of all the memes What if you win and get points to unlock cosmetics, to reward the player and get them playing more

I cant wait to play this on ps5

Very excited I can`t wait for the achievements and new game modes

are the any more roles that are coming other than the crewmate, impostor, sheriff and scientist?

best trailer of 2021 change my mind

Can I please get the twitch pet!!!


what time the update will come?

Can you guys add Mint Green please???

so what`s gonna happen to olive

Banana is so cute! I love it. Hope you can get a nap!!

why haven`t yall made a light purple

May your naps be the best and most refreshing naps anyone could ever wish for

They are adding achievments...

Any plan for macOS users ?

hyped for all the new features

You are a gentlebean among beans.

really excited for the achevements


Wwwaaaiiittt... 5 more players = new amount of Impostors???

Ill try to buy on PlayStation when it is released on it

Proximity voice chat please?

Maybe make it 3-D

but will there be more sus?

i hope both sides of your pillow are nice and cold when u all take those naps


Can you please bring Among Us to the dreamcast it would be hilarious

This game used to be so fun before they nerfed it. Sad.

Im not paying so@e website just to get free chat and me getting to chose a name I want Jesus when we said we wanted accounts we didnt mean it this way Jesus you people suck

Would still like to know when it comes to Playstation and xbox

If the pets could do things in new kill animations thatd be awesome!

Make the game playable with randoms

NEW ROLES AND NEW COLOURS, this was because of my comic right

HEY AMONGUS/INNERSLOTH will these updates come to the epic games version of the game

The best thing in this trailer: It`s all synced up to the music!!!

Wait, hats and visor cosmetics?

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