The EU has just passed a law that ALL

October 5, 2022, 10:04 am
The EU has just passed a law that ALL
The EU has just passed a law that ALL device chargers for cell phones and Tablets will be universal, thereby we will need only one charger for all regardless of make. This is above all great for the environment and convenient. However the UK refused to adhere to this scheme, WHY?

A broken clock is right twice a day. The EU are right with this and it seems insane that the UK gov`t wouldn`t follow suit.

Phone, laptop, charging block, Bluetooth headphones, kids phones and laptops - All USB-C already Well done for legislating in 2024 for something that industry are already doing. Well done to the eu for also barriers on the development of new USB standards and connectors

They have to be compatible with UK blue passports.

Great to see the EU dealing with major issuesThank god it`s not at our expense anymore.

Regardless it will happen in UK - likes of Apple and Google aren`t going to make chargers specifically for ye olde England

Apple are already planning to change iPhones to one system and you will have esims soon

Makes no difference, UK will have to do it anyway. So much better than rip off apple prices and hundreds of thousands of chargers in Landfill.

Cause otherwise it would be our plug sockets next! Lol

Just to he awkward

Because it`s a corrupt Tory govt and they hate the EU?

Adhere? We don`t adhere to those people anymore Tony. We left, remember?

Because they are not in the EU.

Huge costs as phones get changed in the future but has no effect on existing phones and cables. The actual charger comes on its own and you plug the USB cable in. I have two types in my house just to accommodate my IPad Pro.

iPhone want to be different to lock in their users

So As most replies give well argued reasons why such a law is not a good idea, how do you respond. 1. Acknowledge the EU mistake. 2. Slink off silently to find some other baseless remainer winge. Who are these unelected, unaccountable faceless EU people anyway.

Because standardisation is the enemy of innovation. Imagine if we had standardised road travel while we were still on the horse and cart. Or telephony while we`re were still on wired analogue signals. Left alone humans are ingenious and solve problems based on vested interest.

suspect it`s `cos, believe it or not, EU Law doesn`t apply in much of Europe or US - perhaps if you weren`t viewing everything via the prism of an autocratic dictatorship u might realise other peoples do exist outside the empire ps any aliens in space, also won`t abide by EU law

Because were SUPERIOR.

Because we are not in the EU?

Probably because they will be EU standard not British?

Because its impractical to use one charger - there must be thousands of people with mobiles these days and we`re all expected to use the same one? This is why I voted to leave the EU.

Because it stifles innovation

Im fine im wireless charging

The UK doesn`t have a choice as they don`t manufacture these items. The only difference is we have a different mains supply.

Because we aren`t in the EU....Im not saying it is right

Maybe this I don`t think Mogg will be able to force manufacturers to supply different ones just for us. Thereby we end up, rightly in my opinion, riding on the coattails of EU by default.

I would guess it`s because it will lead to devices being sold without the charger at the same cost. You`d then have to purchase the charger separately which increases cost to the consumer.

We dont need to. Laws/regulations should be only made and applied where absolutely necessary. UK consumers will no doubt benefit from this but we will also be in a position to adopt more advanced Tech before EU Countries that will have to wait for their regulations to catch up.

It doesn`t matter. Phone/tablet manufacturers are hardly gonna make products just for the British market. USB C will therefore be the default so no need for legislation.

Petulance. That`s all there is to it.

Mary Mary quite contrary!

Spite and a desire to leverage inconsistencies for money

Deregulation means business do what makes sense to them nor what makes sense for the public - Conservative B/S

To be contrary. Bollocks, isn`t it.

Doesnt matter. It will be the end of wired charging, wireless is far better.

Because JRM lives in the dark ages and the Conservative Party or certain elements at least are looking to get funded by Apple?

Because they are a bunch of f`wits in power. UK will have to accept it as default as no phone manufacturer will make a UK specfic charger. UK is now a rule taker than a rule maker outside the EU on so many things.

Someone on the board of directors or lobbyists perhaps? This government is now a joke

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is another case where we CAN "have our cake and eat it", despite Remained assurances that it would never happen. We enjoy best of both worlds. Brexitbonus right there. Not to state the obvious but wouldn`t different electrically powered and charged devices have different current requirements ? The UK has quite stringent electrical standards, perhaps have a look at those for a better perspective.

I imagine Mogg will have dumped his Bakelite shares by now.

Well I guess it`s a Brexit benefit, innit?

Seems a bit silly to me. Typical EU control freakery

Because GB are not in the EU .

Are they banning new apple products? Unless they conform, which so far, they have unilaterally refused to entertain, they just love over charging for peripherals

The UK is like a petulent teenager ... doesn`t want to comply regardless of the consequences ...

Doesnt matter. Manufacturers will lump the UK in with EU standards because itll be easier for them. Jacob Rees-Smaug and Darren crafty wank Grimes will complain that their freedom to need 17 different chargers has been infringed. Hardly difficult to predict.

Because 1) they think everything from the EU is bad & 2) They will ALWAYS support the corporate over the consumer. It has ever been thus.

You live in Italy, not going to affect you Shag.

Can`t be doing with any of that EU nonsense !! Britain will have as many chargers as we like like . ..thank you very much !!!

Because, all previous devices will end up in landfill

It doesn`t matter - companies will make the switch and we will end up with the USB-C interface because they won`t want to make two versions for the European market...or Apple will just remove charging jacks entirely out of spite

Because we all need a draw full of redundant cables and chargers

Cant believe how long this Tweet is going on for,if everyone wants to do something worthwhile for the environment instead of bringing in stupid regulations to keep bureaucrats in work ,how about everyone stops changing their phones so often just to have the latest models ?

Don`t worry, we`ll get it here too. You dont seriously think the electronics giants will make different devices with different charger ports for the UK market do you? We are a taker of rules, not a maker of rules.

Where does it say UK rejects it?

Plug type might be a problem - we use 3 pin, EU generally uses two pin - so won`t be `universal` without adaptors.

We will do our own.

The EU getting tough on real world problems once and for all.

But why focus on just the device connection, why not deal with the wall connections as well?

Because ours are better. Also doesnt that mean that households are going to have to change their plugs?

Brilliant , how I wish we had such common sense here

Because its the EU. Thats it, pure prejudice!

The emphasis for all innovation, production, everything needs to be our environment. We cannot continue to live this throw away existence. Its irresponsible. We have to change and this sounds worth a try.

Stifles innovation. Not that hard. It`s communism.

Because we`re taking back control, that`ll show em......oh

What would be better is that every country has our 3 point plug. Won`t need travel adaptors whereever we go. The 2 point plug aren`t great when abroad.

Weve put men on the moon (unless you are a conspiracy theorist), transplanted wombs and other body parts, yet we cannot have a universal charger in the way plugs are generally standard depending on your continent? We also cant freeze strawberries without them going mushy.

We can refuse all we want it`s still happening.

Because the EU want to do it

Opposite of great for the environment

Because the tories are ideologically opposed to anything that makes life better for everyone . They love hierachy, elites and ways to make profit above all else.

We are pretty universal now, as the C connector is now the norm.

Its not very British or some kind of clap trap who knows

So they appear to be in Control when in fact they are not as no one will make a charger connection just for UK

The EU do not dictate our laws and trivia is not top of the agenda.

Coz current government doesn`t give a toss about the environment. Plus they would love to attract some Apple dollars away from the EU .

Great what a waste of money my travel case for various USB chargers has turned out to be thanks again EU

Going on previous experience with how the Gov handles technology, they simply dont understand what they are being asked to agree to.

There is a sinister reason behind this move Can you see what it is?

You have to ASK?

They won`t make special ones for us. They won`t make high power hoovers for just us

Useless Stubborn Buggers

Because we have left the EU. Do try to keep up....

They dont like Co operating with people and they want to retain our sovereignty

It didnt have a day anyway

Its bold of the UK to think they have a choice. How many such devices are manufactured and sold uniquely for the UK market?

Because the UK uses 3 pin plugs

Pretty sure if it was round the other way the EU would refuse. Bear in mind this is a cartel trying to reignite war in Ireland

Its actually against open competition! Companies should be allowed to offer any charging system for their own product. My laptop requires a different charge cable to my wifes. There is no difference between these products in this respect!

Don`t need to, no one will be stupid enough to target the tiny UK market.

Because they can. Just to show the Benefits Of Brexit

What`s up with people? Obviously, those drawers full of different chargers (that you kept not quite knowing why) will be a thing of the past! Keep one, maybe 2 chargers until they conk out. Eco win!

The UK government will propose a rival scheme whereby you need to buy a different charger for every day of the week. This will unleash growth and show those Europeans what a world-beating economy we are

Completely wrong bloomin plug! Do keep up Alan, we`re on phone plugs

Its what we voted for, its the will of the people!

Ideology. Any cooperation with the EU is viewed by the Gammons as treason, so doing so would cost them votes.

Possibly because we are not in the EU.

Because (1) it`s not in the EU and (2) it already has a vastly different electric plug to any other country known to humans...

They won`t be making special versions for the UK market, so whether the UK `adhere` to this or not, we`ll still get the same devices as everyone else.

The port will become universal for all of the phones of a manufacturer - people in countries far outside of the EU, will have phones with a single charger - because companies are not going to waste money designing/tooling for a different phone, when no-one else has a requirement.

Greasy Mogg being a pain in the butt because he can!

Just do nothing then. You`ll find that in a few years all phones and tablets use the same connector and things will go from there. Coming in through the backdoor so to speak.

What the uk says now is irrelevant companies will follow the directive and the uk will have the same, its not as if theyll make something different just for the uk. Thanks to brexit we are an irrelevance

we arent part of the eu

But it does highlight the idiocy of wanting to have "our own" standards on things we want in the UK or want to sell to other countries.

Imagine if different vehicles needed different petrol pump nozzles in the name of de-regulation and innovation. Oh yeah thats right- its a fucking petrol pump and has one job to do. UK will be dragged along regardless- just it wont have any day in it anymore.

Do these universal charges have 3 prongs on the plug or 2 ?

It stops innovation. Without it we would still take all day to charge your phone.

Were not in the eu?

Because all the tories care about is lining their donors pockets.

So manufacturers can dump their non standard stuff over here.

Because apple likes to feel special and charge a little extra. No pun intended, but it works.

For a start I prefer Apples lightning charger to USB. I dont need a nanny state telling me what charger to buy and its another example of the EU stifling competition and product development

Why are the EU always meddling? How hard is it to have more than 1 charger? Honestly, haven`t they got larger problems to solve?

...far too sensible for uk luddite govt.

I dont really care much more important things to worry about at the moment than a bloody charging point on a device

The EU passed a LAW.

the uk government in a nutshell for the last 12 years. For clarity, the chargers will remain different since different devices/ batteries vary in specs and power requirements. Its only the charging/ connection port on the device that will become standard.

I think it`s a great idea, but I`m very organised and know where things are in my house. Many people lose their chargers though, so if they lost the universal one, they wouldn`t be able to charge ANY of their devices.

We went against it because of Rees Mogg , but it doesnt matter what he thinks Apple will apply the change , they use the USB C on their latest I pads , so no biggie to put it on the I Phone .

The UK policy makers put manufacturers first, ensuring that they maximise their profit, and bribe UK MP`s.

Because its bad law. Again.

Don`t you know that 9 out of 10 people living in the EU have lost a limb due to electrocution? IF ONLY THEY HAD THREE PIN PLUGS, ANTHONY. WE COULD HAVE SAVED THEM ALL.

3 pin UK/Gib/HK plugs are afer than 2-pin EU ones . Itll make no difference!. If all companies comply well have no choice lol !.

They want to be the friend of Big Bizz, profit over value, and lobbyists when instead we should encourage entrepreneurialism. Deconcentrated prosperity. Not just a few mates in London

Wait for it today, were proud to announce our world beating Great British Charger Bill, which will make it compulsory for manufacturers to Blah blah blah

Because it prevents development and innovation. Its why socialist states never develop anything, they are locked down by the state. Be grateful, when you use your phone, laptop, Internet, have medication prescribed, that you live in a country open to innovation.

Plug in chargers for phones will be extinct soon anyway! Personally I have only used wireless charging for a couple of years now.

Because we are not in the eu or European and the plugs would all need to change so why go to that expense for to satisfy those numpties

Because we are not in the EU.

Not exactly important is it?

Because we`re not in the EU. You`re welcome.


Because they want to assert their imaginary sovereignty.

And what standard have your EU overlords decided that YOU will have to use? Have they taken Apple money or will it be USB-C? And why does this suddenly concern you now.

I have one phone And no tablet So I only have one charger anyway So what`s the point of a new law?

Why make it a law? We don`t have say nor want one in EU legislation

Because the UK government is full of beasts.

Bureaucratic overreach maybe ...

Because we are not in the EU

Because it wasnt invented here

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