The Huawei Watch 3 is basically a round Apple

July 9, 2021, 7:02 pm
The Huawei Watch 3 is basically a round Apple
The Huawei Watch 3 is basically a round Apple Watch for Android users and I`m *very* here for it. Shame about ... well, you know. Review:

Very nice and stylish

I downloaded the app. Do you have the name of the watch face from the facer app?

Nah. Galaxy watch is still better.

Michael, can you consider not doing a premiere for your videos? I see the notification, but I can`t add it to Watch later without entering the app and in the end I miss it.

Thats too bad. Thats a great looking smartwatch.

Thank you! Keep up the amazing work

I should check this out. Sure, but my Samsung watch can still show my notifications, download apps and watch faces to the watch, and answer and take phone calls. If I can do that on the Huawei Id probably get it. I dont need a smart watch for much.

Is there a similar watch face for Gear devices?

I wouldn`t really call it a smartwatch as you can`t really download any useful apps for it

Can it be used with iPhone? Finally looking to upgrade my Samsung Gear S2 after all this time.

Youre great smart watch reviewer!

It`s... not the best onboarding experience is it. But ohhh, that design. I didn`t know the AppGallery doesn`t work at all there though. Really appreciate the shoutout in your review!

I currently own the Ticwatch pro but after watching this video I have decided to wait for the Google and Samsung`s collaborative effort.. BTW, I loved your "when phones were fun" series! It brought back so many memories!

If only there was a wear os version

Call me naggy but I am not a fan of my watch having a tech logo that`s why I like galaxy watch there`s no logo but under

Oh I like the look of that!

Excited to watch later!

What are your thoughts in comparison to TicWatch`s latest offering?

Damn, it`s beautiful

Hat tip to for his Digital Trends review that convinced me I wasn`t crazy about the convoluted Huawei Health app, and for beating me to the punch on the headline I ultimately decided to stick with regardless.

Yeah, I know. (But just in case I don`t know, you mean the whole Huawei ban thing right?)

This is Nice but i Still Love my Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE

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