The iPhone 14 is actually the biggest scam Apple

October 11, 2022, 9:16 am
The iPhone 14 is actually the biggest scam Apple
The iPhone 14 is actually the biggest scam Apple ever pulled off. Christ!

I`m still saying this IOS limit you to alot of shit, Android still better and always.. Samsung ultra better Dan iphone 14 but iphone users will always argue

You don buy ham abi you never buy ham ?

Sell on mystery they buy on history Apple strategy

Lmaoo sadly we will buy it

Well 14pro and 14 pro max are the main upgrades

all black

It does not even come with charger

So I can peacefully go from this 12 to 13

Us who have never used an iPhone cus we can`t afford it yet Make I kukuma rest na ,was even planning on getting one next week Thank God for this review

The 14 pro and max is different

Me just imagining what the iPhone will look like,when it finally gets to number 40...since na every year new iPhone dey comot...

Rich kids argument

12 pro max is still the best iPhone to me changed my 12 pro max to 13 pro max and I felt like I was robbed

The number of likes on this tweet says it all lol And toto Don nearly tear on top am for here

The island nko, e no fine?

Biggest Scam for real Not only that They fvcked up the iOS 16 for everybody I never experienced any problems with iPhone until I updated to iOS 16 God will punish u people Apple recommended changing phones every two years not every year, of course changing from 13 to 14 is redundant

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