The iPhone 14 Pro battery is just really not

September 21, 2022, 11:50 am
The iPhone 14 Pro battery is just really not
The iPhone 14 Pro battery is just really not great.

Turn off always on. Otherwise your comment is completely wrong.

i get this on my 12 mini lol

It works better than the new Apple Pay shipment tracking feature in Apple Wallet. Amy phone just informed me a package that came on Monday just arrived and that a shirt my daughter is current wearing has just been shipped. Perhaps Apple needs to hire some better programmers.

Either is the 13 since the update

Your holding it wrong. Apple never do anything wrong.

Is that with or without the always on display setting?

Yep. I set up as new today

Apple developers spent their time on dynamic Island and forget to optimize IOS 16 for good battery performance.

Its an iOS 16 problem, I guess. My 13 Pro after upgrading started behaving like this.

always screen on , and IOS 16 is not yet optimized for great battery. Wait for IOS 16.1 or later versions

You shouldnt have shown the screen active numbers. Your audience is confused and they think youre saying you got 7 hours and it wasnt enough. They dont realize this is over a 24 hour period, which includes a small charge session as well.

"Baf battery life Well yeah when you`re consistently streaming video it`s gonna drain battery

Bruh imagine calling over 7 hours of screen on time not great

What are you guys doing with your phones ? Fine here , iPhone 13 Pro , iOS 16.1 beta 2 7 hours and 19 minutes of your waking day on the phone and we still want more.

From what I have seen of scientific tests, running the battery down using certain apps, is that the iPhone 14 batteries are similar to 13`s. Any difference from phone to phone is likely bugs, which will be fixed. So ignore the downers until we get stable iOS 16.

iOS 16 isnt good at all !!

Yeah I returned mine, hoping the 14 pro max is better

Yikes. Seems about equal to my 11 Pro with 77% battery health

How do we fix it - other turning off AOD i gues?

True, especially with AOD turned on.

People did a restore and that fixed the issue. Maybe next weeks update will fix battery. I will do the update via iTunes as its better.

7.30 sot it`s not happening on 90% of the present phones,this is bull, you`re happy with the battery bunt just wanna stir some debates

Im getting 3h on my iPhone XS. Stop crying.

Based on the graph it doesnt seem like u used it before it was unplugged

Oh no iphone 13 mini has battery strength

Let the ios update come it will improve 14 pro battery

Idc Im glad I waited to see all the reviews Im getting a new 13 pro max

Well now Im glad I gotta wait until October to get my 14 Pro. They can smooth out IOS 16 by then. At worse its a good thing I bought the MagSafe battery pack.

I get 8-9h SoT on the max

same for me :( static wallpaper no widgets - homescreen has 20% consumed

Hmm not sure, my 12 pro had taken a huge hit too and it was absolutely fine before iOS 16

A downgrade huh ? Courtesy of iOS 16 or the chip ?

Amazing to see that almost 8 hours of battery life is considered not great now Like if thats the baseline then I aint complaining, we doing good, luckily I dont spend a third of my day staring at my phone so it will be overkill for me for sure, similar to my MacBook battery

Time to get a 5000mah battery android phone.

Having screen on for more than 7 hours is what you should be worried about, not the battery life.

iPhone SE 2nd gen. After the update it was terrible. I did a clean restore to 16. It was still bad. But after ~2 days, it very rapidly improved. Now it feels like 15, maybe a bit lower but barely noticeable. 2 year old phone with 84% battery health. So pretty good when it settles I feel like iOS16 is the biggest factor for it, I went from going the entire day without charging my iPhone to having to charge it at 7pm after the update

Meanwhile Im finding the battery life to be great! iPhone 6s Plus with a new battery goes easily 1.5-2 days of mixed usage, so yes, iPhone can have good battery!

Does the AOD show up in the list at all? This really surprises me by the way. Modern iPhones usually have much better standby times than their android equivalents, even if screen on life is similar.

I literally get 10 hours on a 100% charge and I still have about 50% left after

always on display moment

I updated to iOS 16 on my 13PM and the battery is HORRIBLE, and I upgraded the iPhone 13 pro to iOS 16 and the battery dont even last a day, I LOVE iOS 16 but the hit to the battery is just beyond belief

Bruh I end the day with 70% with 5h screen on time lol with always on disabled on the pro max

Does it change when disabling always-on display?

I am not going to lie, this honestly looks pretty normal or very similar to 13 Pro.

I get about 3 hours if I`m lucky

13 pro max love the battery Do you have a few samples from some other phones for comparison? Usage is different for everybody and having other phones helps put things into context

They dont care. Didnt they shrink it?

Is this ios 16.1 here ?!

Lmao my Xiaomi is still going after 11 hour .

Its draining too fast post iOS16 upgrade

I have a 2.5 year old 300 Samsung with better battery life. This is embarrassing for Apple

That sounds like a dream. My iPhone 12 barely survives a day with ~3h screen on.

Heres the thing with suggestive opinions according MKBHD he had a less than expected 5.5 hours screen time which was slightly less than expected. You got 7.32 hours and still disappointed. You obviously are getting less battery than before but the data is all over the place.

Do you think its a hardware thing or software optimisation?

The iPad 9 has been just great for battery life! Although its also on iOS 15, and has an much bigger battery given its an iPad Is this because of the aod(always on display) mode. Hearing a lot about battery issues, but some are fine with aod and some are not.

has a different take when said its the best comparing to the se

Few weeks usage, iPhone will be warm. Maybe syncing old data.

And never been of any iPhone

, rolls up sleeves

Its not, my battery has tanked on the 13 Pro Max. Ive turned off the haptic keyboard to see if that helps.

Wow! Any idea whats draining it? I moved from the 12 Pro to the 13 Pro Max and love the battery on this thing!

Not true Thanks for confirming Im not crazy, Ive been having to plug in a lot more. Do you have your Always On still enabled? I do and I want to blame it on that. If you dont then we can just point that maybe this SoC is drawing too much power.

Brand new iPhone 11 Pro: 1.5 days of battery life. Brand new battery on the same phone with iOS 16: not the entire day.

So iPhone 13 Pro Max smack`s whit spade in the face to iPhone 14 Pro Max and other trash

Whoa! Thats terrible. Whats eating up in the background? You must investigate that. But theres definitely an area of improvement here. I hope they patch it with 16.1. See mine! Surprisingly my iPhone 11 Pro is doing just great after updating to iOS 16 and this time I didnt perform a clean upgrade!

12 Pro Max battery also dipped after upgrading to iOS 16. I guess, iOS 16 need some major patch. Universal search also doesnt work great and apps are slower.

I said it before, I changed my dynamic wallpaper I thought it because of it

On new iOS devices (or after big os updates) Spotlight indexing might create a lot of load over the first couple of days.

iOS 16 battery, NOT iPhone battery!!

Wait. 7 hours of screen time is bad now?

Look at my iPhone 7 Common denominator might be YouTube, I keep seeing that in all these comparisons.

7hrs screen on time is not great?

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