The latest Galaxy S22 Ultra Geekbench scores Exynos 2200

February 1, 2022, 1:25 pm
The latest Galaxy S22 Ultra Geekbench scores Exynos 2200
The latest Galaxy S22 Ultra Geekbench scores Exynos 2200 & 8gb ram

How about latest 8gen1 scores?By now we should get actual scoresHope have worked on stable performance & efficiency rather than scores,cos that`s more important.Looking forward to S22 U, get pricing reasonable.@samsungbusiness What a joke happy my Dad bought my S21 ultra and i got my 13 Pro Max 256 Gb , been a Samsung fan since day 1, exynos bull is scamming the customer. Pure joke, i tought they learnd on thid release. Apple is just pure peformamce and pure beastmode GGsSamsung

Not enough :(

I mean its all nice and fancy to see the Geekbench scores but the average consumer isnt really going to consider those when chosing their next phone. Although it is informative

Single core should be able to 1200, multi core can be more than 3800, on the current frequency of the ability, 8GEN1 version is difficult to achieve more than 3500 points, now look at 120 points not a more than 3500

Iphone 11: Single core 1333 Multi core 3466 Samaung is fucking joke.

This is quite a bit better tham my flip 3, so happy with the results... We don`t need more performance anyway...

Score is enough we need to know how contained is the thermals and how it will impact the battery life + performance.

Roughly around 25% upgrade in GPU

That sounds something.. Hoep with 12Gb of RAM will be even better!

This is not a bad score. Decent and good.

How is it compared to SD8G1?

Also the latest OpenCL score Still arm v8 scores ?

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