The Merit Circle DAO has realized $1,602,990

February 9, 2022, 5:49 pm
The Merit Circle DAO has realized $1,602,990
The Merit Circle DAO has realized $1,602,990.17 in total income during the month January from token sales. With the proceeds we Sent 245,603 $USDC to the treasury Spent 61,400 $USDC to buy $wBTC & $ETH Sent 480,599 $MC to the treasury burned 106,797 $MC

Btw, what you guys sow, is what you reap. karmaisreal

No one trusts you anymore after that "to the " price of your token. Sold my all my 100tokens and bought instead.

How does $MC DAO members benefit from the income DAO makes. Do members get a revenue/profit share? Just curious how it works? What is the intent behind investments? How do you repurpose these profits? More development? Pass to holders? Any thoughts?

Keep burning. mc

You should add in your game roaster. Its the largest game on Avalanche with massive catalysts ahead.

what utility does the MC token provide? what benefits does it give to the holder?

What do you mean `net income from token sales`? Is this actual net income from. Game operations, NFT sales, non-native token sales for profit, or simply MC token sale dilution?

I`m new to crypto, one of my portfolios is MC, hope it doesn`t disappoint

Let`s see what this looks like in 12 months from now Building season.

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