The mother of the 10y/o Chrisland school girl cries

April 18, 2022, 12:19 pm
The mother of the 10y/o Chrisland school girl cries
The mother of the 10y/o Chrisland school girl cries out for help (Part 1). Truth or Dare

That girl is a porn star abeg, how can we always make women look the victims when actually we men are victims most times from these women`s manipulations

My own take be say this no be rape at all.. make them question those boys no be there first attempt be this and the teachers need to be dealt with even the parent no try

Send your daughter to another country, change her name & school.

I wonder what kind of movie you allow her watch at ome .... To bring this kind of mindset in her ... I hope this serves as a lesson to other parents... Not here to blame anyone alot is Wrong here... *Poor parenting *Peer influence,Lack of attention both educationally and morally

One of the hardest jobs in this world is being a teacher or having a school. Youre gathering and teaching children with different backgrounds-witches, rotten and over-pampered kids together. I pray God help all these teachers and schools. Sometimes they need help too.

Abeg shey the mama don watch d video pls???

I`m shocked but my question is how did the girl get to the boys apartment cos hostel days back in secondary you dare not get close to girl hostel as a Male vice versa. The only place you meet is class. Then who was in charge of the kids? This is very sad.

She`s been into this act for long. And how can a 10yrs old girl have a matured saggy breast for crying out loud. Riding on a boy joyfully like a pornstar. This story no clear. Make the case no sha bounce Bak to the mother and family

Madam train up a child in the way they should go I beg stop crying here

Mama you failed her already

A 10years old is allowed to go to a trip to dubai and yet no serious supervision?Nigerian parents should know that most schools in Nigeria are poor in handling trips like this. How you gonna let. Parents and the school should be blamed...

charity begins at home, what kind of home does this situation portrays she came from? This is obviously a home where parents are too busy to talk to their child such child will seek information elsewhere mostly internet and from there shes open to different things

Justice for what exactly please someone should enlighten me

From the look of everything, all the kids in the room were already used to what was going on, and it is actually not the first time, even some of us as adults are still Virgin not to talk of 10yrs old with this kind doings, the question is how were they so exposed? SMH

Madam u need to have a heart to heart talk with your daughter, she wasnt raped she was actually chuckling and doing the do, plz u need to restrategize and find out things for yourself.

The little girl wasnt rape bc she was grinding her colleague but it could be truth or dare bc the others were looking at them to see who will be tired meanwhile they may be high on drugs too bc that performance of a 10yrs girl is scary

The video doesn`t depict rape. She was certainly enjoying what so ever she was doing as portrayed in the video and it all indicates that it wasn`t the first time she was indulging in such an activity. The parents and the school authorities have to accept that they have failed

Why didn`t the school come out to the parents with the truth from the onset?! Why are the male & female kids even sharing the same bedroom? That`s very irresponsible of the school. The School, the parents, everybody involved has a level of culpability/responsibility sad

Stop giving ur children android phones till 16 at d very least, una no dey hear. D Internet issa hungry beast.

From my point on view I don`t think when you take your ill pet that got sick as a result of your own negligence to treat as at when urgent to a veterinary doctor then it happens that the pet dies do you blame the doctor or yourself

So if they discovered pregnancy, they could have just aborted it on code. Omooo!

If you`re a parent here and you need to set obscene filters on the smart devices your kids carry, hit my DM.

Terrible things are happening in the world today. I demand for the effect of the power of God at work in us to spread for the solution through out the world. Father in the name of Jesus Christ!

The child should be kept under close watch to avert suicide

Calling her names must have deteriorated her mental health very unprofessional from the teacher

This girl I saw in thatnvideo is the chief initiator of that act and she`s gotten quite a lot of experience from somewhere. Giving children of nowadays electronics device that sends them online is a NO! NO! until they are matured enough to take responsibility according to law.

Its obvious that wasnt the first time she was doing that..

Its sad to be involved in this kind of topic and I pray for forgiveness if I misjudge this case . These are kids who are product of bad parenting . First, you still have the guts to travel after the school called you, secondly, you gave her access to social media without control

Naso Una go dey mislead People

Madam in the name of God, go and train your children ha God where did you go to when your 10yr old girl became a prostitute, she is not even ashame that others were seeing her. Go to any police station and handover yourself You failed. God ooooooo

The story is not clear. There`s something the woman is not saying clearly. Why will a child or 10 be holding a smart phone?

Everything about everyones sides of the story is sad. Ma, your daughter truly needs help. Ive watched teach on family systems and I strongly believe he can help your daughter overcome this. Chrisland college also should seek this same help.

Madam ur daughter needs help. She has been scared for life! She would grow up,be popular and famous like KK but not for something positive . Whenever her name is mentioned, people would remember Dubai sex tape unfortunately. The internet never forgets. Godspeed! You also failed .

chrisland should be held accountable for this act Not the parents please and this is not rape actually but the school has corrupted all the students

Thank God for video evidence bcos i don`t understand what dis woman is saying..whr is d rape? 10 years girl already has a ripe breast like this means it`s not a first timer

They mother didn`t fail..... They school didnt fail.Not denying the fact that as a kid we all played that hide and seek games despite being warned seriously by our parents....lets stop blaming the woman. We all messed up.. I know some of you will deny it but you no fit lie to

Chai what a disgrace of a daughter

In a society where everyone is chasing money these are the result, no time for kids but money money money money money 24/7.

The girl raped those boys, justice for those boys, no one should play victim game here...but then the teachers should be in police cell for negligence, cuz at least a teacher was suppose to be in that hotel room

Mummy ur daughter wasnt raped,d boy Dey are accused looks more like a novice in d video than the experienced girl onto smh

Momma, you have failed!!!!

I dont understand why everyone is blaming everyone except the girl in question, shes young yes, we all had crazy thoughts and imagination when we were that age but chose not to act on them This isnt a rape case its a case of bringing to light two young kids acting foolishly

Cries out for what help exactly This is not rape case, it was obviously a consensual thing The school was at fault for not supervising them but its obviously not her first time

This isnt a cry for help but a cry of shame

That is not rape; it is called gross misdemeanor; a wrong act(well in this case a mind boggling wrong act) done by minors. Well all Id say is,we have seen nothing yet. The sort of children this woke generation would produceonly Jesus would save!

That`s not the first time that girl is doing that, both the school and the parents are responsible for this. She was not shy, buh smiling talking and even turning so definitely that`s not the first time. Send them to juvenile detention center (JDC) straight for correction.

No matter how we want to look at this story, this is first an issue of failed parenting and I also feel the school is trying so hard to protect her image, otherwise why threaten the girl and take her for pregnancy test without the consent of her parents?

We havent even heard from the second party or parties. But what help is she requesting for btw?

Which dirty help is she asking if

This generation of kids thrive under bad parenting. No matter the surveillance once morality is not enforced at home the school has no chance, though in this case they are also culpable

why does she even have to come on can to say anything

A mother`s cry for help,how emotional, gov should step in real quick, those kids needs help at this time especially the girl, I hope parents and school authorities will learn from this. Folks, please rally for this girl, any girl are age will do as she told, hope she survive this

Her worry is that she was taken for pregnancy test without her consent? Okay. Ma`am, how do you feel about what led to her been taking for that test or was every student that went for that excursion taken for pregnancy test too?

If you give the girl a basic phone but what about the other kids? Influence from other kids can cause this

This is a cold zobo The zobo is cold......

Now that we are having more information, I think she`s a professional clown, crying to social media while lieing about useful information about said victim, when will she be ready to have a conversation about how she raised her kid?

Call me old fashioned but I cannot do what that girl did. And its sad knowing how young she is. Being sexually active at such a young age isnt okay. The school has failed in their role & her parents are clearly absent (is it just dawning on them the process for a covid test)

Why was it only the girl that was expelled, the boy nko. The school needs to be sued and shot down

She dy see the way you ride on daddy that why she strong big sister dy run for that style that your 10 yrs get sence die

I am 27 and I do not know of the game truth or dare

That is not a rape!

God I use God name beg you When I eventually start giving birth to my kids No give me girl oh Unless I go use am do Thanksgiving Amen.

That young girl riding wasn`t dying in silence. The facts of these ugly incident must be strictly and critically interrogated, dispassionately.

Some old women day fear to do cow girl style talkless of your 10 yrs old na so she strong she dy follow you root garri for farm ??

There is nothing cry for, she been doing this before not here first time

Why would they put male and female together in a room

Madam stop playing the victim card. Your child knew what she was doing and was not forced. You failed as a parent. Rather than looking for where to put the blame try and take part of it. Pay more attention to your daughter. From that video, it`s definitely not her first

Sorry ma`am...but your daughter was actually riding on top of the boy...the story is really twisted... Ask your daughter how she got so much experience at 10... Btw the boy should be given equal punishment as the girl

Maam youre speaking away from truth . I dont know what to type but if Im sitting close to you as your family member I promise you a slap

I don`t get so if they had found out she was pregnant, they would have flushed it or what? Parents leaving parenting for schools and social media nowadays need to be checked. Even when rest assured you have done your duty as parents, trained your kids,

Which justice abeg getta out

Except there is another video to this excuse this woman is giving but if it`s the same video I watched omo this woman should just stay away from the media.

You had better have a heart to heart talk with your daughter

She is not a good mother

Madam you didnt train your daughter well and thats bad, your 11 years old daughter is no longer a virgin imagine. You need to discipline your daughter and stop dragging What is she doing with the fone in the first place, access to social media and oda apps

The fact people here are talking about phone just shows how misplaced people`s priority is

Who did the girl kiss? Why was the girl only suspended?

Hypocrites everywhere....truth be told both the school and mostly the parents failed...I`m sure this not the first time she has engaged in this dastardly act....

What sorts of contentless video is this? How old is the girl? What happened to her? Who did something to her?

Im confused why the school will do pregnancy test without the knowledge of her parents. Thats crazy. They can suspend her for the kids but any further torment is abuse and should be taken up with the authorities

Come to think of it, I thought both genders are supposed to stay in separate hostels in other to avoid cases like this. So how did they got to sleep in the same bed???

The deed is done, the girl needs help. Stuffs like this tend to lead to suicide or something worse. The worst part is many people see the girl as a bad girl and they keep commenting.

Madame. You don`t know your child. This video is irritating me. We deh Naija ooh, forget rich man style. There are things you don`t do! Go home and check your own very home. No water gets corrupted from nowhere! There are still hidden stories to this thing. Una go still talk.

To what I watched, I don`t think this is a rape case Biko... She was even changing style and lafn

Chrisland and other big schools are really not helping their pupils in building morals. These schools have a lot going underground. One thing again is parents should control how their children use Android and iPhone. There should be restrictions on how they use it.

Your kid wasn`t raped Woman rest.

The video I saw wasn`t a rape video though

2. The blames are two ended! Blame 1 to poor parenting. Blame 2 to worst Staff Behaviours. Every mother should know their child and this one here doesn`t apparently! Every staff should be able to give account of Kids in their care, but they were apparently busy doing Photos.

This woman`s Video is a full trash. I have my reasons. What exactly does she want? 1. The Video I watched doesn`t say the girl doesn`t know what she was doing. It doesn`t even say the boy pinned her to it. Been raw, she was riding the boy. Doesn`t seem like armature to me!

Na her daughter rape the guy sef

Goodness gracious... A 10 year-old girl knows sex positions that some adults don`t even know. Cold dey catch me....

This the face of a failed mom she shouldnt even be in the open after a thing like this.

There was no rape involved. Lets be honest.

This one wants to change the narrative. Your daughter did not acquire all the s*x experience on the Dubia trip. You need help ko Poor parenting garnished with poor schooling.

Wrong parenting is wrong parenting,you were called from your child`s school and you were not able to be there until 2 days after......don`t blame wrong parenting on the society abeg.

It`s a good thing she never mentioned rape her. The school should av been held responsible by now. Give the little girl time, She would feel better like before. Finally take her phone away.

Thy should keep children away from this woman

This woman just the cap

But the daughter seemed happy in that video. This is a case of bad care from the school and also bad parenting.

you need to see the video before you share the wrong was not rpe....not at was kids doing stupid mistakes and the school took the right action. The parents of the girl lied, to us, to the media and the Nigerian people.

Some women are better without children. It`s obvious she is a bad mother. If d video has not been on social media,I am sure she wouldn`t have come out looking for public sympathy. Which sensible parent will even release a 10 year old kid to go on a trip in another country?

I don`t know what to say. I blame the parents

What was said shows the authorities were more worried about the image of the school. What could cost the school to have revealed what happened to her mother? The individual involved must be prosecuted.

The both parties are to be blamed but the school will take the greater share because they were carless with their students. These parents have their minor kids in your care and they should treat them like theirs. Please, why does a10 years old have a mobile phone with internet?

Justice on who please?

I totally blame the can restrict the phone from accessing 18+ contents ...but most of them don`t know.. they`re after attacking school.

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