The narrative went from Xbox having no games to

June 15, 2021, 10:43 am
The narrative went from Xbox having no games to
The narrative went from Xbox having no games to so many games they have to carry PlayStation in the fall

And MLB 21 have been carrying that damn plastic box till forza come out ,

After the showcase I had 7 games pre-installed and can we talk about Starfield being on gamepass

that is fine as long as we get to play those games first. you know... there is a difference between first class citizens and second class citizens.

Funny tweet but just funny Nothing serious

The narrative went from exclusives are terrible to they are good business

(xbox still has no games)

Also using your understanding your saying just because someone has more exclusives comming out then they will carry the other console, so surely using your message playstaion has been carrying xbox for 7 years .

More like, Bethesda is releasing more games on Playstation than on Xbox. That 8 billion deal is really worth it.

You need to cry harder. this is the kinda tweet you get when you alow stupid people online

xbox still does not have games... sry bro but try harder

If they delay those games, Sony wouldn`t have much for fall.

Those are two games that where in development before xbox acquired zenimax. You are literally giving them credit for no reason. You are actually delusional, literally speaking. I`m not joking.

No games You seriously tweeted carry Keep doing what you do best xbots Mate most of the games are dropping on Gamepass for free because noone would be buying them otherwise

Damn I`m excited for ghostwire

What I find amusing is the tsunami of damage control taking place all over the digital landscape.

All of these are on ps5 but also coming to pc: Kena: Bridge of Spirits Seasons Little Devil Inside Sifu Solar Ash Jett The Far Shore Stray Deathloop Tokyo Ghostwire

No. Still no games

Im mean technically these are just timed exclusives now so sony doesnt even have these to brag about.

People are laughing at you, not with you. Do you know that?

$7.5 billion just to release two PS5 games thanks! So many games where? V_V

Lbots without Exclusives and game at launch never miss

Those game have been in development way before Xbox acquired Bethesda, and there was a contractual obligation between Sony to Bethesda to make those 2 games a timed exclusive to PlayStation Bethesda loves ponies more than xbots They know we`re the better/more beautiful fanbase to cater to Don`t believe me... See for yourself You`re catching up with titles PS5 has had.

Its called 6-0, just wait for the next PlayStation Event buddy. These games coming before xbox gets games? So MS is carrying Playstation but not carrying xbox? Man yall really hurt huh.

Really ? Microsoft has no issue with those games because they started development before acquisition. You guys act like Bethesda is with Xbox since 2000 Anyway I already got 7 Playstation Exclusive

I REALLY want Ghostwire to come main reason why i bought the PS5

What a strange man you are

Like Playstation carried Xbox this spring? And well get those 2 on gamepass too!

Would be funny if we werent still waiting for them to actually support their own console they released last year.

Yes lets push for more games in the fall when every other 3rd party dev/publisher will have a new game coming out. Brilliant idea.

I still wish I could play deathloop. it looks interesting

The defense force is coming out heavy from your tweet. Maybe because it might be true

Xbox was like.....we got you Sony. I love how yall think PlayStation just rolled over and died They letting yall have a little moment but when its done PlayStation about the one up yall in every single category once again

Is this guy for real? Damn! Xbox E3 I mean... No consoles to play them on tho

This is pretty dumb to say the least

They need to make sure those games have the XGS splash up front the way MLB The Show has Sony.

Playstation may have one in the short term, but xbox is exploring horizons no one knew existed, they`re moving the industry instead of holding it back like Sony does with their exclusives monopoly

No, Xbox still no games

They still have no games til Flight Sim drops Xboxes input in all those games... Carry? Jesus Christ

They should dump these game as it is as soon as possible to make the Game Pass clock start to run

Xbox influencers after a decent showing acting like a cocky no name prize fighter after a match win

It went from Xbox has no games to Xbox has a couple of 30fps games with no Ray Tracing None of those games your talking about are out. Also PlayStation has avoided releasing games during the Holiday for almost the entire PS4 gen. Where you been?

More like Sony`s planning and deals carrying them plus Horizon is on track to release this Fall. And unfortunately Xbox still doesn`t have games YET , i can`t play announcements

To think Xbox has 4 Bethesda games launching into gamepass in 2022 if these games don`t get delayed out of this year

Sony surely didnt go into this gen accounting for MS to go all in on gaming and start spending serious cash.

I was glad they didn`t straight up brake the deal and instead kept it And yeah, im an xbox fan

Ghostwire is a multiplat no? And deathloop is coming to pc, I probably won`t play it still Just can`t stop winning

Even Bethesda games are making exclusives for Playstation before Xbox. What`s carrying xbox in the fall btw?

I love reading all the tweets from Playstation users that are pretending to not be gutted that Elder Scrolls 6 won`t be on PS5

I`m wondering if it`s gonna say Xbox Game Studios when starting the game.

I pray you mute the notifications on this. Good luck. You only realise how good yesterday conference was when you read the net and the 12 year old PlayStation fan boys are really salty today Bethesda giving next gen games to ponies before Xbox though. Too bad Xbox couldnt find someway to cancel the deal. You know Sony wouldve.

Sir!! RIP your mentions

These two, redfall, starfield all for 2022. Who knows what XGS will have as well.

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