The Nemesis System patent reminds me of Layers of

February 7, 2021, 10:14 am
The Nemesis System patent reminds me of Layers of
The Nemesis System patent reminds me of Layers of Fear remixing a TON of elements from PT and I was cool with that and actually wanted to make a video on it. Come to find out Bloober Team patented their dual-world system for the Medium and that really soured me on them.

You can `stan` for anybody without knowing how this term came about or paying anyone money but if you think about it, somewhere in a parallel timeline, Bloober team is paying royalties (for using the `dual world system`) to the director of Johnny English Lol, they patented split screen?

Patenting a mechanic is a great way to bury it forever. Either Bloober has to put it in every game now, diluting its effectiveness, or it dies with The Medium. I can`t see other studios paying to license it, it`s not THAT good.

Imagine Ubisoft patenting the "tower system"

Wasnt there a patent for minigames a while back from Ubisoft i think?

This is not new. It has been done already a few times. I mean it is basically oldschool splitscreen, which even has more computing to do! Shame on you ! I was already pissed that the remaster of observer was timed discount for owners of the original.

I assume that takes anything soul reaver off the table for a while...

According to a friend of mine who understands these things better than I do, the patent is only enforceable if someone manages to somehow 100% replicate Monlith`s system which is straight-up impossible unless they had the exact same code.

This is pretty stupid. Video games have always borrowed systems and elements of games that have come before. That how the industry works. A perfect example is Dark Souls bonfire/XP retrieval system. How many games have copied that since it came out?

They patented a gameplay mechanic that`s been in plenty of other games before?

oof did not know that. Thats pretty shitty

I heard layers of fear 2 was up to some straight up plagiarism too

We will hog this thing limit its potential because we are assholes who are too afraid they will be outcompeted at their own game if we allow others to use this.

It`s insane to me that you can even patent game systems, I get that they`re "software" but it feels like justifying patenting using tungsten lights in movies just because the images get burned to film or saved as data

No to mention that Doshonored 2 made this whole 2 world simulation better and in 2016.

My understanding when it comes to these types of patents is that it`s almost strictly about the code and not the concept. It`s hard to patent an element of a game where that element, stand alone, a game does not make. I could be wildly wrong, but that`s my interpretation.

This is such an alarming precedent being set. Games are an art form and this stands to strangle creativity.

I`ve been binging videos during your break, and it made me realize just how much of modern gaming is possible due to how open the design environment was in the early days. I mean for fucks sake, id released the source code to all their shit for free

I wonder if Warframe`s aborted copy of nemesis system mechanics could argue against the patent. It`d be the only real accomplishment to come from their attempt but would really love to see it take off in other games.

Whats wrong with Polish game developers these days?

Don`t feel too bad, Nintendo patented the idea of a sanity meter for Eternal Darkness and that stopped literally no horror game for an entire decade. Mechanic patents are terrible but, fortunately, largely unenforceable.

These patents on game systems are bad for gaming.

But wasn`t that already used to some extent in Silent Hill Origins leagues before that? Or hell, even Link to The Past? Just going on what I`ve heard.

Its particularly awful because I was hoping that the nemesis system would become a de facto inclusion in any faction based games. Can you imagine Stalker with it? Fallout New Vegas with it?

I was actually thinking on playing that game since it looked so good. Not giving them a cent now

I really hate patents that I feel genuinely hold the medium back from being more fun. The one I always go back to is the patent to have minigames during loading screens. That is such a cool thing to have, and it feels really scummy to claim it as your own.

make a video where you trademark the battle bus mechanic from fortnite, which is the plane mechanic from pubg and then get into a legal battle with the air force over who actually owns those big planes they use to fly around and then blow up isis

Bloober team sucks. They make some great games that I found a lot of enjoyment in, but their anti-consumer practices (such as the whole thing with the original observer being unavailable and no discount being given to existing owners for the redux) really ruin them for me.

Well a great concept and system that may never see the light of day again fuckin noice

They didn`t do enough with their dual reality system to even warrant a patent.

can they even legally do that? i wasnt fmailair with the mechanic until now but at a aglance it doesnt seem that unique and i feel you could bring up older games to challenge it

Make a video about this, because I didnt know that.

what a bunch of Bloobers

Have they just filed for patents, or did they successfully receive them?

I don`t get it. It just seems like a blatant abuse of what patents are supposed to be. It`s not like they`re defending specific engineering techniques that took years to develop and have to limit copying to recoup costs. Like what patents are supposed to do.

Thanks for this tip, was thinking about doing a medium video, will be sure to drag them for this

I know its not exactly the same system, but imagine they having a problem with a Soul Reaver remake...

Pretty sure that whomever holds the rights to Soul Reaver might have an argument with the Medium`s patent. Or man... even a Link to the Past?

The fact you can patent a gameplay system is so mind boggling to me, its feels like what if Hitchcock patented the jumpscare

Yea they copyrighted it, But other games will still use it and just call it something different.

Hopefully they`ll at, at the very least, make other games that make good and different uses of it.

There are so many kinda cool brawlers with tons of characters on PS2 that are unbelievably jank and messy entirely because the patent to how you do it effectively belonged to the Dynasty Warriors devs for so long.

I didn`t know the Nemesis System was patented. That explains why no other games that I know of have used a similar system.

That really sucks. From what it looks like, the game isn`t anything special either.

did an awesome video on Layers of Fear! Waiting until someone copyrights jumping in a game.

id also recommend this video about other problems Bloober team has Bloober Team is who did Layers of Fear?

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