the new iphone is only $45

September 21, 2022, 6:05 pm
the new iphone is only $45
the new iphone is only $45.99?!??

And the fact is if you want more than 1 new iphones they also cost the same

Hey look! A free mask and air pistol!

you forgot the ammo

New live in 35$ sheesh

Na bro its $50,000

How are guns this cheap

oh hey I have that exact gun

Lol Im catching a .177 bb with my hand

You forgetting taxes and shipping & handling

This fire ??

i dead be getting banned for using gifs of an anime character with a gun this wicked

If they dont get rid of this ad then I might as well That`s so cheap! It`s a crime!


you can get guns off amazon????

This joke is as old as your account

Bruh more than a whole dollar off on his math Lmao

what sheriff skin is that

But a job is priceless

screenshot this dark theme

dont wanna be that person but 34.99 + 9.99 = 45.98 and not 45.99

Anything is free if your willing

Yall this hits home cuz when I was 14 they threw me on the ground when I was walking to a friends house and stole my iPhone 6

That`s $45.98 not $45.99. So it`s even less!

screenshot this

$44.98* before tax

Sorry but its actually 34.98

I just got the umarex a couple days ago, I`d say it`s pretty good

This is $44.98 +Tax

You can make it only 35 if you ,,, you know

The new iPhone is only $45.99?!?? yeah, but for you my friend, 20.99 with protection This must be a joke. The correct price is $44.98.

Coincidentally the cost to own a bank is also $45.99

How you people doin???

want me to get for u

No its $45.98

more like $44,98

Homie pulling up to Apple with a BB gun


You cant do maths

Dude, or ye gaya meri wishlist me.

Don`t forget the AF1`s

Ready for the night Ya and you can get a dad for free if he ever comes back

You might want to get one from another country other than the U.S. tho since the U.S. versions only support e-sim. Therefore you cant just put your own sim in it. You can only do that to 14 models from other countries since their version still has the SIM card.

the zetas bouta have all the phones John

It can be a lot cheeped with $20

Na thats the new MYPhone SE

Why is Twitter recommending these to me? Ive seen 3 other tweets like this. Am I a criminal?

Well I see you were able to get yours Your maths is terrible

That 35 dollar strap That`s a reasonable price

Actually cheaper. 44,98

lets go get the new phone, its a steal today!

and u can return it so like

If you`re planning on using that airsoft gun, it`s still gonna be $1000 + attempted robbery charges lol

very expensive to go to rob the bank or to deal the one in the bazaar are better.

So is the entire bank vault at Wells Fargo

Actually its $44.98 buddy

The fbi watching your Amazon orders Can get a G63 for that price !

let`s gooooo

I`d like to say you`re wrong... $45.98. But depending on where you live, plus tax

Well, if you steal something its so cheap that it could be considered gifted (Its a joke, please dont take this seriously)

Homie really copied s tweet and still couldnt do the right calculations Which colour go make sense for the mask?

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