The path to freedom is golden

September 20, 2022, 5:21 am
The path to freedom is golden
The path to freedom is golden The Goldenloop update for Deathloop goes live tomorrow, including a new ability, weapon, upgrades, and more. Deathloop will also be available in the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog starting tomorrow:

Thanks for supporting Xbox games studios to fund exclusive Deathloop 2.

Bundling your consoles plus the price increase is a bad look.

And on Xbox too. Stop crying about call of duty. It`s unbecoming. I used to love PlayStation. Ur sad.

I have a PS5 but Deathloop wasn`t all that. Thanks for the content but I`ll skip.

Not going to play a mid-game like this and I`m not going to like PlayStation too because how mid it is.

Gotta wrap up Ni no Kuni then I can start this one on gamepass. Should be a fun ride. I`ll be playing tomorrow fasho

Not this GAME AGAIN...

thanks for the promo

Damn great advertisement for Games Studio. Hope you two can continue with partnership like this!

Is it free for people who own the game? Any new trophies?

Couldn`t get into this game. Urgh!

Are we getting an extended ending too?

Sorry to disappoint you but the definitive way to play this game is on pc And with gamepass I can do that without buying the game Feels good to be part of the mustard race Xbox only Not you

This game was a solid 7 for me. Definitely worth at least trying out. W for those who haven`t experienced it yet.

I haven`t felt this frustrated since the time I watched modern cartoons in Steve Urkel`s attic.

Can we get Dishonor remake? Its the only good one.

Guess I will try this mailed-in game from a BS dev

PS5 version=Definitive version

As an Xbox fan, Deathloop with haptics is the best way to play this game.

Playstation-complains Xbox wont allow its games on their platform/services. Also Playstation-look guys xbox is letting us use it on ps plus. My PS4 has been having issues downloading games

Is DEATHLOOP will stay for ever on ps plus or you do believe in generations I don`t regret owning this masterpiece on a disc with the steelbook deluxe edition on PS5 they keep making the game better love to see it

Still can`t understand why this game wasn`t released on PS4.

Wait, is this the same update xbox is getting? I thought that was exclusive to xbox only?

PS Yall are hilarious .

Oh boy, I loved this game I think alot of people will enjoy Deathloop. It`s alot of fun.

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