The twitter app on my android frequently crashes requiring

October 4, 2022, 8:30 am
The twitter app on my android frequently crashes requiring
The twitter app on my android frequently crashes requiring a reinstall. I`ve tried tweet deck, but it seems overly complicated, what do you all use?

Get an iPhone,David lol

On Android phones, I always accessed Twitter via a browser for security reasons. Now on an iPhone, I use the app because iOS stops apps from logging your activity even when youre not using the app

I just use the browser. Chrome by choice, but others are available

My fingers are far too fat for a phone.

Huawei (NOT an all singing and dancing one). Not really had many issues with Twitter, though I regularly have to cull my storage of photos.

The Botsentinal app on Android.

The standard Twitter app on iPhone and its rock solid.

I don`t like the app, so use a browser (Samsung Internet). Very buggy even there though. Slows to a crawl then reloads frequently - usually when I`m angry-typing a killer response!

I don`t have any problems with mine. I do use Twitter on the main computer too, better if you type long threads like you do!

Twitter app on Android. Samsung phone and tablet. Works fine on both. If things get really weird, a factory reset might be worth the time?

Mine crashes periodically on Android too, but recently bit has bee doing it less frequently.

Samsung Galaxy 10. No problems at all since upgrading.

What make of Android phone? If it`s a Samsung it wouldn`t surprise me. So much crapware preloaded onto my Samsung tablet it gobbled up the RAM and hindered its operation and I was actually happy when I had to replace it. I`d never get one of their phones.

I have Android on phone & tablet and this never happens. Perhaps you have too many apps on your phone - its internal storage may be full.

David, in the short term try running Twitter from a browser on your Android phone.

Twitter app on iPhone and iPad and no problems.

I only use my PC. Sorry - doesn`t help you but my eyes are too bad and my fingers not agile enough to use the phone :)

Are you close to your capacity on your phone? Mine used to crash a lot on the old phone, which was always full up with photos. So I got one with more room and also an sd card for the snaps

I use twitter on all devices with no problems.

Sounds as if either your Android is out of date or your phone manufacturer is an Android meddler. It`s stable on both my devices.

Twitter app on android.

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