The votes are in and The Last of Us

October 12, 2022, 4:10 am
The votes are in and The Last of Us
The votes are in and The Last of Us Part I takes the Players Choice crown for September:

Make the game $30 or less and I`ll buy it for the third time. Better yet, add it to the PlayStation Plus Premium I signed up for. That would be kinda cool. But man $70 is a hard sell. Oh, congrats... I guess.

Whats funny is these Twitter guys thinking they were the majority the whole time LMAO Wait till the actual show comes out and people start liking this, TLOU2 and factions even more

Thats too bad. The whole series is a piece of garbage.

Oh boy, sounds like the demand is high enough for another remaster of part one sometime in 2023.

wasn`t it already a good game, now just with better graphics and models?

Since you decided to repost this news, Ill do the same! I guess only fanboys participated

Waiting for a sale...

Should have remastered the God of War trilogy since Ragnarok is around the corner, but that would be more work ! And more money ! instead remaster an already remastered game for full price.

i told you. you will get the last of us for game of the year again AND YOU WILL LIKE IT

All the xbox fanboys crying

Buying a $70 remake of a game that can already be played on the same console for less than $20 Translation: Get ready for more remakes at full price instead of letting you play the games you already paid for.

And it was voted against? Tunic? Fifa? Lol. Stop. Cash grab is a cash grab.

I didn`t vote for it so, who did??

Deserved like playing it rn and its as excellent as I remember it being What do you even call this? This generation is so weak its just wash and repeat wouldnt be surprised if they remake the last of part II for PS5 maybe in 5 years well be getting new games until then ill be playing Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on my PS2 a console that had GAMES not remakes

Tunic is better by A LOT. Don`t me

The PS4 remaster was more than enough. Shouldve just remastered part 2 on PS5.

Hold on so from the other choices yall would have picked something else? Cuz I chose this game and love the hell out of the franchise. Just bitchin to be bitchin bruh

Usual Naughty Dog W

nope, sick of you guys pushing this cash grab

Worth the price if youve never played it before.

And yall wonder why they would re-release Horizon Zero Dawn again on PS5 Make it happen. Who were the players that chose that? The developers?

Shocked that the agenda game got the most votes. Was the books being cooked like the last election?

TLOU Part 1 always win... It`s a good game, but come on bruhhhh...

Fun fact: We don`t need these remakes so soon. Make new games.

Not like there was much to compete with Just sayin Imma get slaughtered for this but idc

L shits a cash grab not worth more than 50$

Seeing yall tweet this late given me a heart attack lol

I vote for Xbox gamepass

This is more disappointing than the time I played spin the bottle in Dunkey`s backyard.

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