This is a good question

September 19, 2021, 12:35 am
This is a good question
This is a good question. Could make a cool study. I would love to see projections around smartphones a la de Sola Pool`s _Forecasting the Telephone_. But I feel like this technology snuck up on people a bit.

This recent ThinkingAllowed episode on the smart phone may interest both of you Definitely worth a study

Could aks same for lot of tech that does take off

Some of the seeds of cellular technology were planted in the late 1940s at Bell Labs. A quick glance suggests that threads were wafting around for some time before converging. Recall the anticipation of the first iPhone: as if people were expected to it, knowing what it would be.

NeuroStuff - everywhere from about 2001

I don`t think so. Smartphones like the Nokia Communicator, Ericsson R380 etc. had been around for years and while people expected the full Apple phone to be a nice piece of kit, almost nobody predicted any kind of revolutionary impact AFAIK

What no one could see is how it would evolve into an entire digital ecosystem that would do everything from manage your workflow and connect you to the gig economy even as you connected to friends and a new social life. For me the device has been revolutionary.

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