This is about to be floating around Twitter big

September 22, 2021, 6:21 pm
This is about to be floating around Twitter big
This is about to be floating around Twitter big time. Specially if someone say the iPhone 13 Pro cameras blows everything out the water. I mean the verge said nothing comes close to the iPhone 13 Pro cameras only the iPhone 13 cameras. I mean....

I do get the feeling Samsung fanboys will be ok if pixel takes better photos and will admit as such but when it comes to the iPhone I feel they just hate apples guts lol and would never give credit to their cameras

Yeah. Also, me need to stop the same I mean I do give off the impression of Android being better. But, it`s a personal choice and more importantly it suits my needs. I should also need to backoff.

Honestly, I think our love for something is sometimes blinding. We gotta defend what we think is right. But, in hindsight no one is. But, bold claims and clickbaitey titles do make me infuriated. You can`t go wrong with neither then why need to impose one in particular like Verge

Although after going through few reviews, I gotta give credit where it`s due. Both cameras are excellent so far.

One thing I hate about releases in general is fanboys just have to bash the other to make their favourite phone be the best. People going mad on mrwhosetheboss video and comparing the photos. I get its fun but one being better in certain areas doesnt make the other bad

Yeah it`s all about personal preference

Yeah I just always question whether some of these camera comparisons are done in good faith. I took this in July on Lake Michigan in CHI. It aint come out my camera looking like this. To be fair when it comes to flagship cameras its just nitpicking for one to be better than the other. Cant go wrong with any really. Pixel, iPhone, Samsung youre in great hands regardless

I would say the Samsung is putting what`s meant to be there it can do that but I feel the Pixel would have taken a more realistic picture where are the details on the iPhone one this would not encourage me to get it if I wished it.

I think its the verge test.

The Verge always gives skewed and biased reviews. They`ve always been that way.

Good cherry picking by posting the worst photo. Clearly you are so unbiased

I knew it wasn`t going to be better lol

Wait for Pixel 6 Pro... Will beat all these Phones I think my Pixel 5a takes better pictures than these

They meant nothing comes close to that shitty HDR on iphone

Wow man s21 ultra looks way better

I mean why would anyone say it blows it out of the water? Their always so close you should learn never to say that lmao

I`ve never taken a picture with a Samsung that came out that beautiful without editing. Just throwing that out there.

This doesnt even happen on an iPhone 11 but people are gonna destroy the iPhone 13 and pro on Twitter based on this and only this picture

Not only that but we saw Darren`s tests and several other pictures from the 12 lineups to see if they were really good. Xperia 1 III embarrassed the 12 Pro Max.

Isnt this from s review? Ppl should watch the video for the complete explanation instead of just judging by this one photo

I watched the video Also in the same video. Not defending iphone but i think s21u`s sky is fake look at mi11u that has less blue and ithink that one is true to life(just my assumption)

That statement from The Verge was absolutely bold.. I`ll love to see how it holds up when multiple camera reviews come out

This comparison surprises me, and if this is accurate the iPhone messed up big time... but I wouldn`t be surprised if that iPhone picture is anomalous, as in my experience iPhones are generally quite good at retaining highlights while exposing adequately for shadows too

So true.

Yeah I was like WTF when I saw this picture. Totally unacceptable. Looks like my iPhone SEs shot LMAO. Though the HDR is great..when it works.

@LeakerApple I dont know where he got it this is where I found it

Ive already got these camera samples from my 12 Pro and Ill be taking more (see this thread)

Bro where did you get this photo?

Who took the pictures? Are they from a credible source?

Of course they well. Guess Ill be prepared for the android fanboys to use that lol. Almost makes me want to get the 13 pro to debunk it

I liked the 13 Pro Maxs water/shadow, but they 100% messed up the sky exposure. No phone camera will have a massive lead. It will always be close because theyre never perfect and will sometimes fail.

The 13 pro max was probably manually put OUT of focus in that picture lol

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