"This is starting to bore me

July 7, 2021, 1:54 am

"This is starting to bore me. Shall we end this." Malekith sets his cruelty upon Midgardia in MARVELFutureRevolution. Pre-Register Now:

I`ll be bored till September

Release date or nah?

release the damn game on ios were tired of waiting

Dude!!!! Im even more pumped for this game now!!!!

Imagine a marvel game with no playable hulk.

I wanna play already!!!

Launch the global as soon as possible, I hope I can be a content creator here in Brazil of this amazing game, keep it up the awesome work!

Starting to bore me waiting for this game to release

What an upgrade from Marvel Future Fight to Future Revolution Playing on max graphics smooth

man I would love to play this early on our channel. Looking forward to this game.

Please, I need play with Venom!

Plis fix de pre register for android 9.0 Where`s Doctor Doom?? When the launch in Latinamrica will be??

Im playing this on LD Player on my laptop but its still lagging anyway I can make it faster

Soft launch in the UK please

Please do the soft launch in US too Fix the game make it real global to every platform

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